Turkish Gold Radio explains transmission gaps


Ofcom has resolved an issue with London AM station Turkish Gold Radio which meant the station was off-air at various times in 2014.

The licence was transferred from Kirmizi Beyaz Kibris Ltd to Panjab Radio London in April 2014, due to financial problems at KBK, after the station had been off-air for ‘a number of months’.

The regulator says it was aware that PRL experienced a number of initial technical difficulties after it inherited London Turkish Radio’s transmission arrangements at Lea Bridge Road, London. But after some routine monitoring to establish that the early problems had been resolved, Ofcom’s engineers found that Turkish Gold Radio was off the air on a number of different occasions during September 2014.

PRL confirmed that it had encountered various logistical transmission difficulties since taking the London Turkish Radio licence over in April 2014 from its previous owners. In particular, the existing landline connecting the former London Turkish Radio studios with the transmitter at Lea Bridge Road had been removed, and there was a delay in the installation of a replacement (broadband) line due to cabling faults in the street.

A satellite broadband delivery system has now been installed to replace the existing broadband line and a transmission monitoring system had been installed at its studios.

Ofcom says it recognised that some of the factors which had led to this situation arising were beyond the Licensee’s control, and were linked to the circumstances in which PRL took over the licence and now considered the matter to be resolved.

“We took into account that, once PRL became aware that its initial solutions to the transmission problems had proved unreliable, it took action to introduce an alternative means of delivering the studio output to the transmitter. Our understanding is that there have not been any subsequent recurring issues with Turkish Gold Radio’s transmission,” Ofcom said.

Panjab Radio London currently has a Format request consultation open with Ofcom, as the company wants to drop the Turkish service and change it to Panjab Radio.

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