When is the right time to start Xmas songs?

It’s that time of year everyone, that time of year that creates debate in the offices of every music radio station in the UK, that time of year when every head of music asks themselves the same question… ‘When should we start playing Christmas songs’?

Steve Penk writes for RadioToday..

For some reason, most music radio stations use December the 1st as that magical day to start slowly introducing Christmas songs into playlists.

I have never really understood why December the 1st is the day radio stations suddenly feel comfortable playing them, but most do start playing them from this day.

I personally started spot playing Christmas songs on my Music Channel on November 6th, couple of Xmas plays per day.

The reason I have always played Christmas songs early on the radio, throughout my career, both as a presenter and station owner, is because I always remember as a child instantly feeling Christmassy when I heard Christmas songs being played on the radio, and this feeling has stuck with me since being a kid.

Ads on the telly playing Christmas songs, Christmas songs in shops, both never really made me feel festive, it was only when my favourite radio station started to play Christmas songs that the joy of Christmas and the big countdown to Father Christmas coming, would start.

As a listener, I absolutely loved it.

It made me feel warm, happy and excited, and even today, the odd few Christmas song played on the radio pre December the 1st, sounds great.

Of course you will always get the odd miserable sod who will text in complaining that you’re playing Christmas songs too early, but those people are always the most vocal and in the minority. So this is a call to all the heads of music at radio stations across the land, start playing a few Christmas songs TODAY (November 24th) no need to wait until December the 1st.

With so much depressing news around at the moment, a few feel good Christmas songs on the radio is what we all need to hear.

Plus, we all have a responsibility to keep Noddy Holder in a lifestyle he’s got used to for the past 42 years, he’s looking forward to his January royalty cheque.

Happy Christmas everyone.

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