Capital’s new studios are the best of the best

Review: Capital’s new studios in Leicester Square boast full wrap around screens and moveable walls, and can change branding at the touch of a button.

They’ve been under construction since January and are now fully operational – as you can see in the timelapse video below.

It’s only five years since the brand had its last studio built, but advances in technology and experience gained from building new studios for Classic FM, Smooth Radio, LBC, Capital Xtra and Radio X gave Global an opportunity to build its best camera-enabled enviroment yet.

Numerous self-mixing cameras cover both studios, always recording and ready to clip any link or guest and post it online instantly. The two new studios are built for Capital, where one is used on-air and the second is available for back-up and studio guests for all brands.

All cameras are located at one side of the studio, avoiding being caught on camera themselves, and a moveable video wall blocks out the outside world. Mic arms float just above the desk rather than sticking up and obstructing presenter/guest and camera views.

capital fm studio london

Capital FM london

The studio wide wrap-around video wall can change logos to any brand at the push of a button, and interchangeable mic muffs complete the quick rebrands.

Software wise, the station continues to use Genesys for playout, and a very clever piece of software to quickly record split links for any transmitter in the network.



Capital FM London

The studios are, quite arguably, the best of the best in operation in the UK at the moment, carefully constructed with miraculous attention to detail. And with more people generally seeing station content online than listening to a live broadcast, these new facilities allows Capital to be on top of its game to take content to where listeners, and potential listeners, are hanging out.

Thanks to Ant (top photo), Stu, Gareth, Tony and Ashley for showing RadioToday around!

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