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Howard Ritchie continues as Capital station voice

Capital is continuing to use Howard Ritchie for its main station voice as it introduces new jingles.

Sung imaging is back on the station, and Howard has been joined by two additional imaging and promo voices.

Howard has been speaking to RadioToday about the changes at Capital: “Working closely with Ashley Tabor has a motivational perspective. Ashley Tabor has always been an exceptionally creative thinker and a smart entrepreneur; so working with him on intricacies is refreshing and fun”.

Howard also works speaks about management structure and how he prefers working with the production teams on creative elements. “I believe businesses should be run by business people and creative run by creative people. For the clients I am lucky enough to have, I rarely deal on sophisticated business matters with those that I work closely with, it is counter productive”.

Speaking of when he first joined the station, Howard said: “I got a call from the then Head of Production James Stodd, asking if I wanted to read for the role. I had no idea until much later that this was Richard’s idea. Had I not had that call, I would not be voicing in 14 countries now. Similarly, if the rumours are true, the same might apply to Moyles, Tong, Westwood, and goodness knows who else”.

Howard also works alongside radio and TV broadcasters in Australia, Dubai, Africa and the Far East and continues to host live events at conference venues and work in TV. He will also continue with his long form narration and television commercial projects but for the time being says he is careful what he presents or voices: “I am careful what I go on, and although that’s crazy and dreadful for business, I have to be mindful not to suddenly become the voice of Julie’s Supermarket. I did do Royal Mail and some kids toys last year though which I felt would be ok with my clients”.

“There was also press last year in relation to hearsay I was to replace another voiceover on a famous ITV show. At the time and much to my Mum’s horror, I said that I wouldn’t want the job. I know how TV works and it can be, well…”un-fun”. I need to feel good about projects, there is no point in discomforting myself for money, so I am relieved it did not progress forward”.

Howard produced a short compilation of some of the imaging content along with a personal thank you to those producers. On commenting on why he said: “Without them, I wouldn’t even be on, I rely on their direction and ideas along with their writing”.

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