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Teesside station on notice to improve local output

Cross Rhythms Teesside in Stockton-on-Tees is under Ofcom notice to improve the number of content it makes locally.

Ofcom asked the station earlier this year to provide details of how many hours per day it was providing locally produced content, as it should be providing at least five hours each weekday. It replied saying:

Sunday 14 February 0 hours
Monday 15 February 1 hour
Tuesday 16 February 3 hours
Wednesday 17 February 3 hours
Thursday 18 February 3 hours
Friday 19 February 1 hour
Saturday 20 February 2 hours

The Licensee admitted that “the programme schedule and logs that we submitted as requested clearly show we are not meeting this Key Commitment” saying it has been having problems getting volunteers to commit to hosting shows.

The station said it will fix the problems within ten weeks or give its licence back to Ofcom. Ofcom instead put the station on notice and told them they’ll monitor its output in the near future and will consider taking further regulatory action.

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