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Black Country Radio to host EU debate event on-air

Black Country Radio is hosting a live on-air event based around the EU referendum.

The community station is organising a live debate with representatives from both the leave and remain campaigns, local politicians and undecided voters at St John’s Church, off St John’s Road, Stourbridge, from 6:30pm on June 14th.

CEO, Alex Totney, said: “There’s been a lot of discussion on TV that descends into the two groups throwing around facts and figures that are then pulled apart by their opposition.

“We want to give the public the chance to really get under the panels skin, ask questions and make their mind up once and for all”.

Representatives from both campaigns as well as politicians and undecided voters have been invited to attend the event which will be broadcast live on 102.5 FM, DAB across Birmingham and streamed online at blackcountryradio.co.uk. The station will also be tweeting through the evening using the hashtag #BCRBrexit.

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