Julia Hartley-Brewer speaks out after TV row

Julia Hartley-Brewer has spoken out after a night of abuse following her appearance on Sky News’ newspaper review Sunday night.

Julia has taken angry callers and been sent abusive tweets on her talkRADIO show this morning, as she confirms “I will continue to say whatever I darn well want to say”.

It all happened since political commentator and gay rights campaigner Owen Jones stormed off Sky News last night during a discussion on the Orlando attack. A video of the event has gone viral on social media, and you can see it in full below.

Almost 60 people have complained to Ofcom about the feature.

Julia said: “I was on Sky News last night debating this with a leading gay rights campaigner Owen Jones, someone I consider to be a good friend, we do a lot of work together.

“I have spent most of the night getting abuse from people who claim that I’m homophobic for stating repeatedly that this was a homophobic attack and how awful it was but apparently I didn’t use exactly the right form of words.

“Just a small point here, people. This is a free country. We don’t live under Islamic state. And I, as a straight woman, am as entitled to talk about the horrific massacre of my fellow human beings, whether they are men, straight, American, British, black, white or anything.

“And I will continue to say whatever I darn well want to say and what I believe as long as I have breath in my body and I’m not going to be told by anybody that I’m not allowed to say what I want to say because I’m the wrong sexuality, the wrong sex, the wrong colour, whatever.

“I will not check my white straight privilege at the door. I will speak as I find and I will always speak as I find because I live, thank God, in a free, Western, liberal democracy where gay people don’t get thrown off buildings, where gay people, mostly, thank God, do not face massacres and horrific attacks like this, and when there is a horrific attack like this the vast majority of people are as horrified as I am. But I will not, will not be told what I can and cannot say because I don’t live under Islamic State.”


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Posted on Monday, June 13th, 2016 at 12:16 pm by RadioToday UK

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