Two new stations for Manchester DAB minimux

Two more services are being added to the small-scale DAB trial multiplex in Manchester, whilst one is pausing its test.

Rainbow Radio, serving Manchester’s migrant West African communities, and Solar Radio, the soul, jazz and blues station will be added.

Manchester Business Radio, which launched with the multiplex in September last year, is closing down pending a long term future being decided.

One of the new stations, Solar Radio, will broadcast in DAB+.

Director of Operations, David Duffy, says Niocast is keen to maximise the audio quality capabilities of DAB: “We are fully engaging in the technical aspect of the trial and have invested in the HE-AAC v2 audio codec which is the most efficient audio compression scheme available worldwide. Broadcasting at 48 kbit/s in DAB+ using the new codec Solar will sound amazing!”

Another station has announced it will be launching on DAB in Manchester shortly – Love 80’s (sic) – which is a service from the company which owns Dee 106.3 and Silk 106.9.

All the test multiplexes, of which Niocast in one of ten across the UK, are operating under a two year experiment .

A Radio Academy event in Portsmouth, which also has a trial, will take place on June 30th to discuss the future of local DAB.

Created on Friday, June 17th, 2016 at 3:48 pm

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