Katie Hopkins falls for spoof news story on LBC

LBC presenter Katie Hopkins is making her own headlines after reading out a spoof report about the closure of the M25.

Katie told listeners all about this fake article from April on the website SouthendNewsNetwork.com, which says the M25 will closed for a week from August 1st as Department of Health and Sport officials are organising a fitness event that is being billed as ‘The Ultimate Endurance Race’.

The information came in the middle of a rant about the City of London being closed for a large cycling event over the weekend.

But Katie managed to find out the truth before the end of the show, saying “Just to clarify the M25 will not be closed. I’m quite sad actually because I was quite looking forward to going. But just to verify that won’t be happening next week. I would also say there have been much bigger spoofs that I’ve probably been caught out on.”

The Mirror has the audio here.

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