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Stan Collymore looks for radio app sponsor

Stan Collymore, determined to continue his Call Collymore show in the UK, is looking for partners and sponsors to make it possible.

He put a message on LinkedIn with some stats, saying he wants to host the app-only radio show on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7pm till 8pm.

He wrote: “Call Collymore had 500k listeners over 3.5 hours of weekend radio, with Sunday going up against BBC 5 LIVE Live comms and Sky Premium game (4pm Sunday). TalkSPORT has 3.2 million listeners over the other 168 hours of weekly output. Incredible figures. And that without app or foreign territory or out of UK affiliates. So I’ve decided to go the simple route for sponsors and partners who’ve joined me already, and new partners/sponsors to come. Call Collymore app , audio only, with Sat/Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri shows 7-8pm will cater for this huge listener base, LIVE, with an on demand facility.”

Stan left talkSPORT in July after an offer of a new contract was withdrawn following criticism of the station’s new owner, News Corp.

Since then he can be heard across America on Sirius XM, where “Call Collymore USA LIVE” is on-air every Monday, 5-7pm Eastern, reacting to the Premier League football of the weekend and Monday Night Football.

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