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Bay FM uses car garage for audience figures

Community radio station Bay FM is using a local car garage to survey how many people are listening to the station in car.

200 cars were checked by the garage owner during August, to see which radio station was last listened to by the owner before being brought in.

The results show 13% of the 200 people listened to Bay FM.

The garage is given a list of stations available and registers the station that comes up on their customer’s radio when the ignition is turned on. They don’t go through the presets, they only register the station the customer was actually listening to when they drove in.

Station Manager Andy Green said, “We’ve been using this idea for over two years and the results are very consistent. The methodology is so simple and credible and it’s not hearsay, it actually proves what station people are actually listening to in the car. We are extremely delighted with these results, especially when you compare ours to a popular national station like Radio 2 which came out at 15%.

Bay FM has been on air for over three years and continues its commitment to promoting all that’s good about East Devon. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support.”

Photo shows presenter Kevin Parker and station manager Andy Green.

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