Heartland FM & Wave 102 want to merge

Ofcom is running a consultation after two radio stations serving different Scottish cities asked to merge together.

Heartland FM in Perth and Wave 102 in Dundee would become one if the shorter-than-normal seven-day consultation proves positive for the two radio stations.

If approved, all of Wave 102’s programmes would appear on Heartland FM in Perth, which previously took over the licence to add to its original Pitlochry & Aberfeldy licenced area.

Ofcom says the changes proposed by Heartland FM and Wave 102 would represent a significant change to the output of the existing Heartland FM service received by listeners in Perth. In addition to the music and presenters changing as a result of sharing Wave 102’s programming, listeners to the Perth service would hear – in addition to local Perth news and information – ‘out of area’ news and information pertinent to Dundee, rather than ‘out of area’ information relevant to the Pitlochry & Aberfeldy area.

Although Piltochry and Dundee are both similar distances from Perth, Ofcom’s view was that Perth has a greater cultural affinity with the Pitlochry area, whereas Dundee tends to be viewed by locals as more as a ‘rival’ city to Perth, with a significantly larger population than Perth.

If approved, the single site station would be located in Dundee at Wave 102’s HQ and provide extra news bulletins. Heartland FM would continue in Pitlochry & Aberfeldy as it did originally.

The Perth licence has a Measured Coverage Area of 45,276 adults (aged 15+). The Dundee licence was launched in 1999 as Wave 102. In 2007, the licence was acquired from The Wireless Group by its current owners, New Wave Media. The licence does not currently have any co-location or programme sharing arrangements in place. The Dundee licence has a Measured Coverage Area of 110,461 adults (aged 15+).

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Posted on Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 at 11:19 am by Roy Martin

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