South Devon radio station celebrates 10 years

Soundart Radio is celebrating ten years of broadcasting across South Devon from Dartington on 102.5FM.

The station features community art, love and anarchy, and has been given new studios recently for the 100+ volunteers to continue their work.

Lucinda Guy, Artistic Director and Co-founder of the community radio station explains “Ten years ago, the news broke that Dartington College of Arts planned to break away from the Dartington Hall Estate. Even though many of us were in utter shock at the time, Nell Harrison and myself felt we were ready to launch the first Dartington student radio station. So, we submitted our application to Ofcom for a permanent community radio licence and we switched on our signal during the same period.

Lucinda continued to say, “During the previous year we had both been looking into what kind of radio station we could bring to the area, and we were inspired by the relatively new community radio scene in the UK, and by a global movement of artists, who wanted to explore the creative potential of radio as an artistic medium at a time when so much of our audio culture was shifting to digital mediums.”

To celebrate the tenth anniversary a new exhibition which encapsulates the station’s ethics and principals has been opened in the Garden Room Gallery at Dartington Space. Local historian, archivist and former Dartington College Librarian John Sanford has been curating the exhibition with fellow broadcaster Sarah Gray. “The exhibition explores who we are and who we were at the radio station,” says Sarah Gray.

In addition to the exhibition, there are a number of events planned which began on Friday 11th November with some continuing until the end of the year. These events include workshops for adult and children and special broadcasts from several presenters and the public.

Posted on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 at 11:32 am by RadioToday

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