Global’s Head of Procurement Carlton Dale dies

Global’s Head of Procurement Carlton Dale has died after an eight-month battle with brain cancer.

Carlton worked in radio for over 30 years, including a ten-year stint as Managing Director at Leicester Sound under the GWR Group in the 90s.

After Leicester Sound, he became Group Head of Facilities at GWR Group and stayed in similar roles through the transition of GWR to GCap Media and Global.

In the 80s, Carlton worked at Mercia Sound, firstly as a Sales Executive, then as Operations Manager.

Carlo Triolo, Managing Director of Regional Sales, Global, said: “Carlton was always smiling, always good fun and was universally liked by those who worked with him. He will be sorely missed by us all and the thoughts of everyone at Global are with his family at this time.”

One of his five children, Becky Dale, paid tribute to her father: “The world’s a little darker tonight. My dad died today, with all his family nearby. He had been fighting a short but fierce battle with brain cancer for eight and a half months. I’m so proud of him I could burst, but it’s not just for his strength and bravery and sheer determination in the last few months. I’m also damn proud of who he was in the twenty-five years I was lucky enough to have him as my dad.

There have been a lot of kind tributes so far to Carlton the friend, the mentor, the boss, but that chorus needs another voice for that essential element of Carlton the father. He was all those things to us too – friend, mentor, the Boss – and much more. As his five kids sat with him and Jo this weekend we hardly stopped laughing as we recalled countless old happy memories: our holidays, our adventures, the hysterics around the dining table. Anyone who knew Dad knew he was a man gifted at giving people extraordinary experiences, and we five all had our own stories as a group and on our own with Dad.

For me, it was all about the quiet things – his company, his counsel, his cooking, our car trips, pub trips and holidays. Sarah, Gregory, Matthew and Lawrence could all tell you something different, something that was their own with Dad. I’ll miss him and our time together, but there is so much of him in me I know he’ll never be far away.

The past few months have also had their bright spots – more happy memories for a start, more time together as a family, as seven, than we’ve had in years. But I have also been astonished at every turn by the kindness, courage, generosity and strength shown by friends and family in all our social and professional circles – most of all by those closest to home, and by Dad himself. Thank you.

I’ve also been delighted by all the stories that have been shared about Dad and the remarkable life he built and led, and I look forward to hearing and telling many more of them in the coming weeks. Dad was a magnificent storyteller himself. He had an anecdote for every occasion – a product of all those extraordinary moments he gave us, and the handful he kept for himself. Let’s make him proud.

And lastly, just as Dad and I had one of those fantastic and wonderful moments on the day I was born, I was so grateful he gave me one last extraordinary moment at the end. What a gift.

What a man.”

Posted on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 at 12:12 pm by RadioToday

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