Connect FM says sorry for breakfast blooper

Presenter Mark Jeeves has apologised to listeners at 8am today after a pre-recorded news bulletin was broadcast by mistake, complete with an expletive.

It appears newsreader Carlo Fiorentino did a second take of the recorded bulletin after a slip-up, but failed to edit out the false start complete with the words “Oh Bollocks” beforehand.

The bulletin aired at 8am Tuesday on the Northants split of the networked breakfast show. As soon as the news sequence was complete, presenter Mark said sorry to listeners for the error.

Ofcom says the word Bollocks to be potentially unacceptable pre-watershed. The word is not generally offensive but somewhat vulgar when used to refer to testicles. Ofcom says the word is less problematic when used to mean ‘nonsense’.

We’ve got the audio below for you to hear for yourself:

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Posted on Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 at 12:23 pm by Duty Reporter

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