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Newsbeat brand to end online and via apps

BBC Radio 1’s service licence has been changed today, allowing the station to drop the Newsbeat branded website content and apps.

The Newsbeat programme on-air remains unaffected by these changes and will continue to broadcast as usual on BBC Radio 1, where usage of the name by the BBC started in 1973.

The change was approved at the Trust’s December 2016 meeting after seeing evidence from the BBC Executive that more young people are using the main BBC News website and app compared to Newsbeat’s online services.

The aim of the changes is to make Newsbeat content available in places where young people are more likely to seek out news content, thereby helping to connect more people to a wider BBC offering and ensuring that Newsbeat’s journalism is more central to the BBC News website and digital platforms.

The BBC announced back in May 2016 in its Online Creative Review of its plan to integrate Newsbeat output into BBC News Online and close the separate app.

The first presenter of Newsbeat on BBC Radio 1 was Ed Stewart, and was succeeded by Laurie Mayer and Richard Skinner. Radio Caroline also used the term Newsbeat in the 1960s.

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