Radiocentre continues Terms & Conditions case

A new strategy for improving consumer warnings on radio advertisements is being unveiled by Radiocentre on Monday.

The team are at the European Radio Show in Paris to reveal the next chapter in improving radio regulation following the Brexit vote.

The case for reducing the Ts&Cs in an audio environment has been made to UK and European regulators by Radiocentre over the last year, backed by consumer research. The consumer protection argument, in which Radiocentre says lengthy Ts&Cs don’t do any good on the radio, has carried it through to the next stage of the EU’s deregulation programme, the REFIT platform, where it will be considered in due course.

Article 4 of the European Consumer Credit Directive mandates the inclusion of long-winded terms and conditions in credit advertising. Radiocentre will reveal on Monday its two-pronged approach to the campaign following the Brexit vote.

First, continuing to explain the case to European regulators and presenting fresh research to them, together with the Association of European Radios. Simultaneously, the new opportunity which presents itself for the UK in a post Brexit world, is to lead the way in more effective, better targeted consumer warnings. This will be a fresh focus for attention in the coming months, circling back with the UK Government who have always been very supportive.

Siobhan Kenny, CEO of Radiocentre says: “Despite the vote to leave the EU, Radiocentre continues to explain our case in Europe because it will continue to be relevant in the UK. We are excited by the prospect of working with the UK Government to be in the vanguard of better regulation which works for consumers and for businesses. As we move towards Brexit, we will be presenting the UK Government with fresh research and hope they seize the opportunity to redefine regulation to ensure commercial radio can thrive and survive.”

More coverage from the European Radio Show will be on @RadioTodayLive.

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Posted on Friday, January 27th, 2017 at 11:17 am by RadioToday UK

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