Podcast: Danny Baker and Martin Campbell

Danny Baker talks about his new stand-up tour, why he can’t get a daily show on radio and why he doesn’t listen to other shows. Plus a special sausage sandwich game. Also former regulator Martin Campbell on what’s wrong with the government’s new proposals for commercial radio.

This is just one of the weekly podcasts produced and published by RadioToday, hosted by Trevor Dann and sponsored by Broadcast Bionics. See our archive on the RadioToday Programme channel here.

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Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the show, which also contains the latest radio news with Stuart Clarkson, and Radio Moments with David Lloyd.

Posted on Sunday, February 26th, 2017 at 7:13 am by Trevor Dann

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  1. The Nightly Show – adambowie.com

    […] In a recent Radio Today Podcast, Danny Baker mentioned, somewhat in passing when talking about the Sausage Sandwich Game on his Five Live Saturday morning show, that Chris Evans would create fairly solid “bits” each week on TFI Friday, that would then get flung away permanently in place of whatever else floated his boat the following week. But you need to burn through fresh ideas at a rate of knots to sustain a daily show. […]

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