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Top 50 radio imaging voices list published

Radio imaging production company Benztown has released its annual 50 list for the industry’s top voiceover artists in the US and Canada.

The company enlisted P1 Media Group to compile and analyse industry data that was the foundation for the list.

More than 300 radio groups provided information for the annual list, which is based on several criteria, including number of radio station affiliates, station size and market.

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They will be honoured at a reception in May at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood.

Dave “Chachi” Denes, President of Benztown, said: “We established the Benztown 50 three years ago to raise awareness and shine an appreciative light on the important role that voiceover professionals play in creating successful radio brands. Since that time, the value and visibility of voiceover professionals in building distinctive audio brands has only increased.

“As an industry leader in producing high-quality radio voiceover, imaging and audio branding, Benztown is proud to again recognise our industry’s most accomplished voiceover talent across the U.S. and Canada. We congratulate and honour the talented individuals who comprise this year’s Benztown 50, and thank them for their contributions to the continued growth and evolution of our industry.”

The full list is available online with photos here, or see all the names below, in alphabetical order:

Jeff Berlin
Sean Caldwell
Joe Cipriano
Howard Cogan
Jude Corbett
Chris Corley
Jim Cutler
Cousin Deke
Ann DeWig
Kelly Doherty
Chad Erickson
Dr. Dave Ferguson
Scott Fisher
Dave Foxx
Donna Frank
Pat Garrett
Wendy K. Gray
Lynn Hoffman
Vanessa James
Steve Kamer
Dave Kampel
Jake Kaplan
David Kaye
Austin Keyes
Jeff Laurence
Harry Legg
Earl Mann
Scott Matthews
Mark Maurer
Rachel McGrath
Mocean Melvin
Jim Merkel
Damon Oaks
Rick Party
Drew Patterson
John Pleisse
Randy Reeves
John Reilly
George W. Robinson
Melody Sharp
Roberta Solomon
Joanna Stadwiser
Steve Stone
Jennifer Sweeney
Paul Turner
Rich Van Slyke
Rena-Marie Villano
Heather Walters
John Willyard
Neil Wilson

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