WCR FM remembers radio presenter Ed Doolan

Wolverhampton community radio station 101.8 WCR FM is to broadcast an hour programme in memory of the late broadcaster Ed Doolan.

In a programme first made in 2003, Ed will be talking about his passion for radio, his early years in Australia, how he came to radio in the UK and the highs of his broadcast career.

The inspiration for the repeat broadcast came from WCR Director and Senior Broadcast Engineer for the BBC in Birmingham, Andy Walters: “I originally recorded the interview at the old BBC Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham. Chris Dentith was the interviewer and sadly he died very young. However, this week, thinking about Ed, I remembered the show and I thought the original tape must be in the WCR archives and when I searched I was amazed to come across the 12-inch tape in the original box – not lost or destroyed!

“There are some fascinating facts about Ed’s life and his upbringing in Australia. Ed admits to one huge lie in order to get the BRMB radio job on one of the UK’s first commercial radio stations. They asked him could he operate the broadcast desk and push all the right buttons. Ed said ‘Of course’ but he couldn’t and tells how he broke down in tears when he started at BRMB and failed to effectively operate the equipment.

“A terrifying car accident almost killed him before he started in Birmingham and he nearly didn’t begin the career that became one of the most famous in the UK. It’s a must listen for any Ed fans.”

The programme will be broadcast on WCR 28th January 2018 at 10am and is introduced by Ed’s first ever UK producer and lifelong friend – Mike Owen.

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  1. Adrian says

    Having missed this due to no notice of it I have just found it on WCR’s website in their listen again section under Dave Homer Sunday 28th January -Late Breakfast Show Hour 1.

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