Georgey Spanswick returns to York breakfast

Georgey Spanswick is returning to BBC Radio York’s Breakfast Show ahead of her current networked evening show coming to an end.

Georgey hosted the programme until February 2017 before taking over the all-England evening show full-time across BBC Local Radio from Mark Forrest.

She said: “Gosh I can’t wait to set my alarm clock for silly o’clock again. What’s not to like about starting work at five am? My body clock is going to be all over the place. I’ll be working at the other end of the day again. Despite the early starts, I had a riot working on the Breakfast Show on Radio York. I love the station and the listeners. We even won awards, you know? So I can’t wait to get back on Breakfast.”

Kay Crewdson left Radio York’s breakfast show just before Christmas for a new life in America. Georgey will start on Tuesday May 29th.

Georgey lives in North Yorkshire. She grew up in Surrey but moved to Yorkshire over 25 years ago. She has worked at Yorkshire TV and Channel 4. Her first job was at TV AM. She then joined ITV’s Calendar as a reporter before making the transition into radio with local commercial stations.

Joe Pignatiello, Managing Editor at BBC Radio York, said: “I can’t wait for Georgey to get back to waking up North Yorkshire as only she can. She’s a force of nature and I’m sure our listeners are going to love having her back at breakfast on BBC Radio York.”

Johnny I’Anson, currently weekend breakfast presenter on BBC Radio Leeds, will take over the Local Radio evening show until it ends in the summer. He currently deputises for Georgey.

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  1. Stephen Bottomley says

    Going to be interesting to see what happens when network show comes off and are each BBC local station goes into regional area for one show like the late show

    1. Radio Geordie says

      Exactly the same as they were before this crappy networked show started. There would’ve been less than half a dozen stations which have never opted out from the show. The rest had to for sports coverage.

  2. Dan Dean says

    BBC Local….from a bygone age!!!….sounds dated and should be scrapped. In the modern age we live in , it has no relevance at all, and the saving made would be better spent on something else. The cost of all those stand alone buildings is astronomical, as is maintaining the whole network. They were set up at a time when television was in black and white….you had a choice of four national radio stations on medium wave…..and the regional paper was the main source of local news….but the World has moved on…..problem is nobody seems to have noticed at BBC Local…..

    1. Ray Woodward says

      Yeah! They should be carrying the same purile nonsense as commercial radio dos in the UK!

  3. Liam says

    No relevance at all… until a local disaster such as a flood! Then BBC LR is the only game in town when it comes to rolling local news and information.

    Meanwhile over on Heart, More Music Variety™

  4. Martin seguss says

    Although I love Georgey and Paul in the evenings on the local bbc network it would be great to go back to true local radio and find out what is going on in our local community. With the loss of local newspapers how else can we find out. Bring it on BBC Radio Kent

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