Chris Evans buys Lynn Bowles a Land Rover

BBC Radio 2 breakfast presenter Chris Evans has bought a Land Rover car for Lynn Bowles as a leaving present.

Lynn appeared on the show for the last time on Thursday morning, which was dedicated to Lynn by Chris, who tried a number of times to make Lynn change her mind about leaving.

“Take a month off, take a sabbatical, we don’t care so long as you’re here,” Chris said.

After giving her a set of keys and asking Lynn to take a look outside the Radio 2 studio building Wogan House, Chris said: “The thing is Lynn it was quite nice working with you.”

The Land Rover was used in the new Peter Rabbit film, and sold at auction last week for £11,362.50.

Listen to Lynn talk about leaving Radio 2 on the latest RadioToday Programme Podcast here.

Lynn joined in 2000 and has worked all that time on Ken Bruce’s mid-morning show as well as with presenters including Sarah Kennedy, Vanessa Feltz, Terry Wogan and Chris Evans. Wogan christened her the ‘Totty from Splotty’, a reference to her Welsh roots.

Lynn presents a weekend show on BBC Radio Wales, which she will continue to do live from Cardiff.

Lynn says: “After 18 long years of my alarm clock waking me at 4am, it’s time to destroy it with some heavy machinery. During my time at BBC Radio 2 I’ve done my best to make Ken Bruce acceptable to polite society. I’m not entirely sure I have been successful in my endeavours. Working with Sir Terry Wogan was a joy. I was inducted into the practice of eating curries and full Christmas dinners early in the mornings. Luckily for me the madness continued when Chris Evans took over the Breakfast Show.

“I’m looking forward to seeing a little less of the M4, and a little more of my home territory of Wales in the future. I’d like to thank Radio 2 and all the fabulously informative motorists and truckers who have allowed me to do my bit trying to keep traffic moving around the UK.”

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  1. Carolyn Trollope says

    So sad to see Lynn leaving but understand getting up at 4am is not an easy task. You are going to be sorely missed. Hope you return to Radio 2 in the future. Stay safe.

  2. steve wise says

    Lynn will be missed but I understand she will,be moving toLlamedos.
    Good luck and enjoy waking up later

  3. Graham says

    Good luck for the future Lynn enjoy your Kandy.

    1. Robert says


  4. Robert says

    Nice that Evans could flatter his own ego by spending some of his massive salary in this way. I’m sure a nice bunch of flowers would have done…..

    1. Christina says

      Chris Evans is one of the kindest and most generous people.
      Nothing to do with his ego. He is just a genuinely nice guy !

      1. Robert says

        Oh really? Lynn can afford her own Land Rover, no need to spend licence payers money in this way.

        I guess you also think he does a massive amount for charity? If I was paid over £2M a year I’d work non stop for so called ‘charity’

        1. George jones says

          You are bitter bobby lad get over it chris Evans is a great lad it’s his money

          1. Robert says

            Oh really? I thought he was paid by the licence payers???

    2. dan says

      Hmmm land rover or flowers, I know what I would rather have!
      You are a bitter man!

      1. Robert says

        If you say so. If the egomaniac wasn’t so grossly overpaid out of the licence fee payer’s money there wouldn’t be any Land Rovers given away.

        1. David says

          I’m with you Robert

  5. David Murgatroyd says

    You will be one word legend.

  6. Carol Gordon says

    You will be sorely missed and who’s going to keep Ken in check?

    Enjoy the rest xx

    1. Robert says

      I don’t understand, what will happen?

  7. Richard Webster says

    Lynn was the voice of Radio 2. Always full of humour. I shall miss her voice and broadcasts. Good luck in the future.

    1. Robert says

      Well said Richard! Lynn is everything that idiot Evans isn’t.

  8. Alan says

    Lynn Bowles thank you very much for Radio 2 traffic and travel please come back very soon and Ken Bruce always thinking of you everyday

  9. Jean says

    Lynn, So sorry you have left, the banter between you and Ken I will miss more than i can say. Bless you and lots of love to you in the future, from another Welsh lady x

  10. Ken says

    Robert. Sad man. I think you will find that Chris and members of his team bought the present. Do you really think the BBC would put themselves at the risk of upsetting people such as yourself by using license fee money? Anyway why are you on this thread?

    1. Robert says

      Oh Ken, where do you think Evans gets his £2M + each year from? Whay are you on this thread?????

  11. Mick jobes says

    Well done Chis .I’m 68 years old and I love your show PS best of luck Lynn

  12. Sarah says

    Sad you’re leaving Lynn, glad you’re getting a lay in.
    Lol with Robert re Ego Evans, switched station for breakfast now someone with less “all about me syndrome”

  13. Joe Smith says

    Typical Evans trying to be more of the story than the person who matters.

    Lynn will certainly be missed.

    Unlike Mr Ego.

    1. Robert says

      Exactly Joe! Talentless, unfunny and overpaid moron

  14. Lynne says

    Very best to Lynn and thank you for all your service with warmth and humour.
    Very lovely gesture Chris…well done you.

    Get that chip off your shoulder Robert!

  15. Lyn says

    What a very nice gesture, I hope Lynn enjoys it.

  16. Ian and Sheila says

    We will miss the “Totty from Splotty” as We are sure the Radio 2 listeners and her colleagues will too. Hard Act to follow.

  17. Ian says

    Very sad Robert, are there not more worthy candidates for your harsh criticism. The most listened to radio show in the UK, guess your not a fan though. Bet Lynn’s glad Chris bought the present and not you !

  18. graham says

    chris is a generous guy, and very thoughtful. he made sure the lovely lyn got her land rover.

    1. Robert says

      Sure. It’s easy to be generous when you’re paid such an obscene amount. The Land Rover was all about him. How do you think the other present givers felt??????

      1. Robert says

        Oh, didn’t you know she already has a Land Rover?

  19. JR says

    Could you do a better job then Robert ??

    1. Joe Smith says

      A better job of allowing Lynn to have her moment in the limelight without having to make the story all about him?

      I’m sure he could.

  20. Ann murphy says

    Love that he got it totally right what a lovely gift well done Chris Evans

    1. Robert says

      I know you are kidding. Yes?

  21. Jackie says

    The Chris Evans show was over the top in my opinion. More about him than her. I’m sure she must have been embarrassed by it all.

    1. Robert says

      I was embarrassed by it all! Imagine how all her other friends that gave leaving gifts felt? Evans puffing up his ego with his enormous salary…

  22. Kevin says

    Sad day for us truckers ?

    1. Robert says

      Get over it.

  23. Robert says

    Thank you Joe

Comments are closed.