YOUR Radio to close by the end of the month

Dumbarton based YOUR Radio is to close at the end of April after 18 years on-air unless a last-minute buyer can be found.

The commercial station covers Dunbartonshire, Inverclyde and eastern Argyll & Bute on 103 & 106.9FM and DAB digital radio but is likely to disappear on April 29th.

The Board of Directors of YOUR Radio Ltd took the decision that on-going losses over the last five years mean the station in its present form is not viable and although the station was placed up for sale in recent months, bosses tell RadioToday that no serious offers were forthcoming.

Unless a buyer can be found by the end of April the company will surrender its broadcasting licences back to Ofcom and that will signal the end of locally owned commercial radio broadcasting in the West of Scotland.

Station Director Gary Marshall told us: “I’d like to thank the team here at YOUR Radio for their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm over the last two and half years I’ve been in charge. We know that we became the most listened to radio station in the area with up to 30% of the population listening to us on a weekly basis, and we brought a valuable local news and information service to our patch, as well as playing some great tunes and entertaining our listeners.

Spencer Pryor, Commercial Director outlined the reasons for the closure: “However good the actual radio service is the company has endured a large number of normal business pressures such as large increases in rent and rates, which coupled with the ongoing high costs of running a local news operation as part of our broadcasting licence conditions, is a huge drain on our limited resources.”

“Advertising revenue which we rely on as a commercial station – we are not a community station and therefore receive not a single penny in grants – has been diminishing as local businesses and public sector organisations switch their advertising to faceless non-local entities such as Facebook and Google in the belief that promotion there is ‘free’. These conditions simply mean the station cannot pay its way. We had managed to get the station into profit on a day to day basis through some serious cost-cutting, but this was dependent on advertising revenues being static. Although we tried to diversify into other revenue areas, the profits gained from running events such as Christmas Party Nights were just not enough to meet the monthly costs being incurred. We have therefore taken the difficult decision that it’s best to just close down to stem our losses.”

The current directors were part of a management buyout team when the previous owners of YOUR Radio, Clyde and Forth Press were themselves bought by newspaper conglomerate Newsquest, who immediately instigated plans to close the station in 2015.

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  1. Alan Hall says

    Very sorry to hear that Your Radio is to close for good. I will miss listening to Mike McLean on a Sunday night. I have enjoyed listening to him. Will this also mean the closing down of Timeless Radio too?
    Very sad to read this.

    1. DaveP says

      Indeed always sad to see a station go. Remember working from them when it was Rock Radio

  2. S stuart says

    My friends and I are currently awaiting a refund of more than £320 for tickets purchased for retro at the rock (which was moved to Barrowland and then cancelled). We were told it would be refunded on 3rd April but may take 7 to 10 days but still no sign of the money. Whilst I have every sympathy that the station is having to close I do hope the directors will do the honourable thing and refund the amounts due to all of those who bought tickets in good faith!

    1. RadioInsider says

      Local newspapers are reporting that hundreds of ticket holders still have not been refunded following the cancellation of the concerts. This is a scandalous situation and should be addressed immediately by the station owners. The Your Radio website is advising purchasers to contact their bank. So is there no money left??

  3. Alan Hall says

    I do hope that a buyer will be found before the end of the month, even if it is
    UKRD radio group. That would save the station, and keep the current presenters and other staff in their jobs.
    So, come on UKRD radio group do put in an offer to buy Your Radio as soon as.

  4. Jake says

    No! It’s Scotland’s best station and one of my favourite altogether! So many great songs are on this station and it’s definitely a “go-to” one. Someone has to step in and save the station. I never thought it would be in this mess as it’s not a community station! Still… better this than seeing it become one of the Global or Bauer stations because independent programming goes then. I just hope a buyer who wants to continue YOUR Radio acts fast!

  5. Alan Hall says

    Only a week to go. I do hope that UKRD radio group will come forward as soon as to save Your Radio. Please UKRD do save this station soon as.

  6. RadioInsider says

    UKRD sold the loss making Star a year ago. They’re hardly likely to buy another loss making station.

  7. Alan Hall says

    Today, Sunday 29th April, last days of station broadcasting. Will be very sad when it leaves the air. Will miss listening to Mike McLean every Sunday night. Hope most of the presenters will find other radio stations in and around Glasgow that they will be on. Shocking that no buyer came forward to save this great station.

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