Nation Broadcasting buys YOUR Radio

Brave Broadcasting, which operates the Dumbarton and Helensburgh commercial station YOUR Radio – as well as the small scale DAB multiplex in Glasgow, has been acquired by Nation Broadcasting.

Nation is about to launch its Nation Radio Scotland station on 96.3FM across Glasgow after acquiring the Rock Radio Scotland licence earlier this year. The station is doing test transmissions on FM and on the Glasgow SSDAB multiplex ahead of launch on 1st October.

There would be nothing stopping Nation Radio Scotland being broadcast on the 103 and 106.9FM frequencies currently transmitting YOUR Radio – as both stations are in the same Ofcom ‘approved area’ of Glasgow and South West Scotland.

Nation Broadcasting’s Executive Chairman Jason Bryant told RadioToday: “We’re pleased to welcome YOUR Radio to our growing Scottish media business. With YOUR Radio, Nation Radio and the digital assets of Brave Broadcasting, we can offer Glasgow and west of Scotland listeners and advertisers additional choice in the market.”

Spencer Pryor, CEO of Brave commented: “I’m delighted Brave is joining the Nation Broadcasting family of stations. I believe that under Nation’s control YOUR Radio will go from strength to strength. I’d like to thank Gary Marshall and the YOUR Radio team for bringing a unique service to our listeners in Dunbartonshire, Lomondside and Inverclyde over the past 18 years.”

YOUR Radio started life as Castle Rock FM in May 2001 and relaunched as YOUR Radio in May 2003 when it added the Helensburgh area to its patch following a licence win. The station was owned by local newspaper groups until November 2015 when there was a management buyout by Gary Marshall and Spencer Pryor, who purchased it from Newsquest.

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  1. Radio Geordie says

    Re-branding Your Radio to Nation might make sense except that I thought the 96.3 frequency already covers most of the Dumbarton area since it became a Glasgow licence (covers an area similar in size to Clyde 1 according to Ofcom).

    Putting both under one roof would make fiancial sense except that Your Radio recently moved into a new (tiny) building so it wouldn’t be able to house Nation, so yet another move is no doubt on the cards.

    1. mb23 says

      They don’t need studios in the TSA, it can all be done from Glasgow.

    2. Adrian says

      Probably won’t need new premises or a studio-the presenters will probably work from home-the new tiny building would probably be fine for the whole thing if they need one at all in addition to their studios in Wales and Sunderland.

      1. Paul says

        To forfill the licenses, I’d exect them to have it housed within YOURs TSA. Having content broadcast from outside of 103 and 106.9 will cause problems with Ofcom. If they could mirror the exact same structure that their Welsh counterpart does, then I expect Ofcom would be satisfied.

        1. mb23 says

          Under Ofcom rules the studios can be anywhere within the Glasgow/South West Scotland approved region, they don’t need to be in the TSA. They will need to do news for Dumbarton & Helensburgh on 103 & 106.9 but these bulletins can be produced from studios in Glasgow.

    3. Morr Al says

      Certainly a larger area when it was Q96

  2. Adrian says

    According to the public file they are using Sunderland for their news compiling.It’s the new world of radio dawning,buy the stations sell the studios and use voicetracking,unify the playlist so it’s usually the same in each area,cut the staff so you are using the same presenters on a number of stations and hope to make money,if you don’t make money yourself from operating a station you still have the chance of selling it off to a bigger company down the line.People might not like it but it’s how things are going now,the regulators and politicians don’t care and probably most of the listeners don’t either with such a choice on DAB,Internet etc.

  3. Ben Doon says

    Another “local station” gone. All this networking cut costs but also loses local ident. Listen to a bauer station for example. Greigsy. All showbiz news, waffle, no local stuff apart from local adverts (the ones who can afford to). If you wanted that then why not just listen to radio 1 or radio 2? The breakfast team going to local events as they are the only people left that can, but for how long. Something needs to change otherwise there wont be any local ILR stations apart from volunteer community licence stations.

    1. mb23 says

      Some of these licences are too small to make a profit, including sadly this one. You should blame the regulator for advertising the licence in the first place.

      The spare FM frequencies should have been used for an extension of a Glasgow licence.

      1. Paul says

        To which, that’s what Nation are doing.. It’s rare for me to say this, but with 96.3FM being a new station, starting from scratch, I predict that there will be very very little job losses.

        I predicted this move when Nation bought Rock Radio, as YOUR owned the Trial mux. Extending 96.3FM on the extra frequincies would help beef up the competition between themselves, Smooth and Clyde 1. Nation have had great experiance with the whole Muxco thing, so they’ll mnage to generate some form of income from the Mux in Glasgow.

  4. Adrian says

    As there only seem to be two presenters left on Your on the face of it there would appear to be hardly any jobs left to lose.

    1. Adrian says

      This morning it was the same presenter on Nation Scotland and Your Radio with different links and I don’t know if any of the Your presenters are still there or whether the shows are all going to be from the people on the Glasgow station-time will tell.

  5. Adrian says

    The Your schedule page now shows a new schedule with presenters only 6-10 and 3-7 and 10-2 at weekends-all are DJ’s on Nation Scotland usually at the same or similar times.

  6. Pat says

    Actually breakfast is 6-11 same as Nation but there are many hours of non-stop music.

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