New jingles for new BBC Radio 2 programmes

As part of BBC Radio 2’s big schedule changes, Wisebuddah has created new themes and jingles for some of the new shows.

Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo’s new extended Drivetime show features a new show theme and remix of All Request Friday.

Sara Cox’s move to weekday evenings sees a new theme for her show, as does Cerys Matthews who takes the seat for the Monday night blues show. Good Morning Sunday also received a new theme for its new hosts Kate Botley and Jason Mohammad earlier in the year.

Wisebuddah Jingles’ Creative Director Jem Godfrey said: “The team at Radio 2 are always such a pleasure to work with and once again we had a great time collaborating on the new cuts. The new Radio 2 line-up will refresh the sound of Radio 2 and we’re delighted to be a part of it”

Wisebuddah has recently completed production of a host of new projects, including creating new packages for Virgin Radio Canada, Berlin’s Kiss FM and Radio 10 in Holland.

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  1. Mike says

    I’m trying to see in vain where the ‘big changes’ are in the daytime schedule? Replacements for Wright and Vine would be a good start

  2. David Whiteson says

    Radio 2 are number 1 in the country. Deal with it.

  3. DaveP says

    Not many changes to daytime on 2. Seems just Jo joining Simon on drive. Think Steve has had his day, but no complaints about Jeremy.

  4. Allan says

    The Jo/Mayo situation is yet another example of incompetent management at Radio 2.

  5. Steve Williams says

    They could have cut Steve Wright to two hours, shaved a bit off Ken Bruce and Chris Evans to accommodate a proper Jo Whiley show in daytime.
    9am Ken Bruce
    11am Jeremy Vine
    1pm Jo Whiley
    3pm Steve Wright
    5pm Simon Mayo

    Personally I feel Simon Mayo may use this as an opportunity to develop podcasts himself independently. Jo will get drive time on her own, which is what radio 2 wanted all along.

  6. Paul says

    Jo & Simon isn’t working out for the listener… reckon going to be short-lived.

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