Scott Mills does the double on Radio 1 and Radio 2

Scott Mills will be one of the first people to end a show on Radio 1 and start a show on Radio 2 at the same time.

He’s hosting his usual weekday afternoon programme from 1 till 4pm on Bank Holiday Monday, 28th May, then he’ll be on BBC Radio 2 from 4 till 7pm with a specialist “Remix” show.

Both programmes will be live – although we’re expecting the first link on Radio 2 to be pre-recorded just in case Scott doesn’t make it from Radio 1’s studio on the top floor of New Broadcasting House, to Radio 2’s studios in Wogan House just around the corner.

By our calculations though, it should take Scott less than 60 seconds to walk from one to the other, assuming the lift is waiting for him on the 8th floor.

The only time we are aware of this happened before is when Tony Blackburn broadcast live on Radio 2 then went to Radio 1 to celebrate 50 years of the two stations last September.

When asked about Scott broadcasting on both stations on the same day, a spokesperson told RadioToday: “Scott is the right talent to present a special Bank Holiday show for Radio 2 on songs that only became a hit after they were remixed.”

Scott’s Radio 2 show is described as “Scott Mills showcases the power of the remix – featuring tracks that needed that remix sheen to become a hit, alongside celebrated alternative takes on well-known classics.”

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  1. Jeff C says

    Although he could just broadcast from the same studio which would save time.

  2. Scott Mills fan says

    Your presuming his first link on radio 2 will be pre-recorded. Not me… I’m guessing his last link on radio 1 will be pre-recorded and he will be live on radio 2 throughout.

  3. Phik Humphris says

    He could present it from the Radio 1 studio. Or The news on Radio 2 maybe 5 minutes long and only 1 minute to get from Radio 1 studios to Radio 2.

  4. Lexie Hamilton says

    I think he will be live throughout both shows without the need of pre-recorded links. His last R1 link would come before his last song. He would have up to six minutes to run across to R2 or as Jeff suggested switch networks from his current R1 studio.

  5. Jason says

    Are you three forgetting the news at 4pm. Usually it’s two minutes but as it’s drive-time this could be extended to four minutes with added travel evem on a Bank Holiday.

  6. Phil Barnett says

    Steve Wright having even more time off,i`m sure he`s hardly ever there these days.

  7. Also A Scott Mills Fan says

    I think you lot need to get a life.

    1. Radio Guy says

      …..and plenty of time to leave to boring useless comments lol

    2. Not A Scott Mills Fan says

      Scott Mills fans probably haven’t got much of a life.

  8. Christopher LatusWhite says

    Many moons ago Radio 2 used to join up with Radio 1 to do the chart show. I think it was probably the top 20…. With the wonderful voice of Tom Brown…. I think it’s the only time we got a stereo broadcast, and the time of fingers were poised on the record and play button…… does that count …. Anyway looking forward to the show, I love a good remix…..

  9. Rob Charles says

    Nice little earner from the BBC for a Bank Holiday…

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