Radio 1 pulls interview with YouTuber Logan Paul

A recorded interview with Logan Paul was pulled last night after Radio 1 said they don’t feel it is right to broadcast it in full.

Listeners contacted the station after a teaser clip was played, asking them to cancel the interview. Logan Paul caused controversy earlier this year by filming the body of an apparent suicide victim hanging from a tree by his neck in Japan for his blog, but has since apologised.

Radio 1 said: “We were going to hear from Logan Paul & KSI on their boxing match tonight. After listening back to the interview we don’t feel it’s right. We understand some of your strong views on Logan – but ultimately if we don’t think the interview is good enough – we don’t air it.”

Charlie Sloth spoke about the issue on-air yesterday during his show. He said: “We’ve listened back to the interview we did with Logan and even though it was only part of a wider piece, we don’t feel it’s right, so we’ve decided we are not going to run it.”

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Why would these morons even consider airing an interview with this pathetic excuse for a human being?

    1. SmokeweeddBear says

      You fit in well with the virtue signallers at the BBC. It’s pathetic they cancelled, true signs of PC sensorship. Freespeech doesn’t exist anymore.

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