Sunny Govan Radio clouded over bad language

Glasgow’s Sunny Govan Radio has been censured for playing a track containing offensive language.

Ofcom received a complaint about the broadcast of offensive language in the track This is America by Childish Gambino, which was broadcast at 17:55 on 21 May 2018.

In response, the station apologised “wholeheartedly” for any offence caused. It confirmed that a “file labelling issue” led to the explicit version of the track being added to the system erroneously marked as “clean”.

It added that the track was subsequently removed from the playout system and that steps had been taken that in future all music importing would be carried out by a member of staff.

Ofcom decided that the track was played when children are particularly likely to be listening and that the majority of listeners to a local community station playing a broad range of music would be unlikely to expect programmes to contain the most offensive language at the time this song was played. The decision was a breach of Rules 1.14 and 2.3.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Don’t play crap music then you won’t have to worry if it is the “clean” version or not. It’s that simple.

    1. Joe Smith's Carer says

      Did it cross your mind that perhaps the ‘Crap’ music is the music their target demo wants to listen to? Please never get a PD job.

  2. Adrian says

    One would hope a member of staff would always import the music-if not who?,Actually in response to the previous comment I can think of a lot of big stations that play crap music but their playlists are so small that an error like this would not likely happen being as the tracks are probably added at the rate of a couple of week.

    1. Joe Smith says

      Maybe but my comment remains true.

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