Sunny Govan Radio invited to Ofcom meeting

Sunny Govan Radio has been invited to a meeting at Ofcom to discuss its compliance procedures after a number of complaints were made against the station.

The request comes after station management asked the regulator to consider ways to reduce potential victimisation of community radio presenters through complaints.

They were made about Steg G in the Morning at various times during the morning show on 17, 20 and 25 September 2018 after songs with swears words were played.

The tracks in question are:

• Sandblasted Skin by Pantera was broadcast at 11:19 on Monday 17 September 2018 and included the lyric “it’s on sale at the fu*king dollar store”;

• Lucky You by Eminem was broadcast at 11:55 on Thursday 20 September 2018 and included 12 instances of the word “fu*k” or its variations, which appeared to be poorly masked; and

• Monkey On My Back by Aerosmith was broadcast at 11:45 on Tuesday 25 September and included the lyric “Feedin’ that fu*kin’ monkey on my back”.

Sunny Govan Radio apologised for any offence caused. It said it takes “due care and diligence when checking material for broadcast” and that song lyrics are checked online before a track is played. It added that the premise of the show was that listeners request tracks to be played, and that “none of the songs that have been complained about [were] chosen by the presenter”.

The station raised concerns about the “constant stream of complaints” against it and the impact of these on its presenter. It requested Ofcom to consider the potential for “victimisation of community radio presenters by…members of the public, ex-volunteers or rival broadcasters and apply mechanisms to reduce this happening”.

Another complaint was made earlier this year after the station played This is America by Childish Gambino.

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  1. PC in Spain says

    I have an idea, don’t play tracks that have the potential to cause offence and I’m going to guess nobody will complain.
    Put a half-wit in front of a mic and you have the potential for another problem. Chose presenters carefully.
    Anything not understood?

  2. Graham Clark says

    I’m stunned by the attitude of Sunny Govan. there would be no complainants if you had a grip on the station, the victimization claim is farcical. The rules and codes are very clear, to have as many complaints in as many months is shameful. Yes mistakes occur, Sunny Govan’s management is either naive or crassly incompetent, Your becoming an embarrassment

  3. Joe Smith says

    Yet again, why play “music” from garbage “artists”?

  4. Adrian says

    Am I missing something?-this just seems crazy-is it me the station or Ofcom that are mad?-either a track is checked and nothing offensive goes out or it isn’t,perhaps either way it seems they are saying the listeners are to blame either for inappropriate requests or complaints-weird?,If it’s that much of a hassle why go on?,

  5. Brad says

    Danger…Danger! Letting listeners take control of your show – especially on community radio. Some people with a childish sense of humour is going to choose inappropriate songs. Guilty.

  6. Neal says

    The number of times I hear the F word from pupils of all ages from the two local schools that empty passed my office every day why bother.Really think the the horse has already bolted years ago on this one!!!

  7. Stuart Hall says

    It is really terrible that Sunny G played offensive tracks on the station. They should have checked first before they were even played, even if it was listeners did request these tracks. The Dj should just have told the listeners that the tracks are not even on the station’s system at all. And the fact that the station could not even supply the station recorded Logs to Ofcom is a NO NO.
    It is in my view that this station does have it’s license revoked as soon as by Ofcom to teach them a real hard lesson.

  8. Alan Hall says

    It is really terrible that Sunny G played offensive tracks on the station even if it were listeners requests. The station should know better not to play offensive tracks. They should have told the listeners that they do not have the tracks on their system at all. And not to supply the station recorded Logs to Ofcom is also a NO NO.
    In my view this station must have it’s license revoked as soon as by Ofcom to teach them a real hard lesson. Who would miss the station anyway?

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