BBC Radio 1 passes a pasty across the country

Greg James is making his mark on Breakfast at Radio 1 by doing one of “the stupidest things he could do”.

The idea of Pass the Pasty started with callers talking about things they’ve never done. One listener, in Aberdeenshire, had never eaten a Cornish Pasty. So Greg set a challenge to send one from Cornwall to the north of Scotland.

As you can imagine, listeners got involved to help move the food from the deep south to the far north.

It travelled, in a plastic box, with a Radio 1 producer starting on Monday this week before reaching its destination yesterday (Thursday). It went on a train, a car, some lorries, even a rollercoaster.

Check out the tweets below to see how it all unfolded.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    They would do better to replace Greg James with the pasty as the Breakfast Show presenter.

  2. Jeff C says

    Feeling the love for Greg Joe, ha ha ha!!!

  3. Mike Waring says

    This is the sort of crap )very) local radio was doing 325 years ago. Someone please remind this jock he is working for the BBC. Absolutely pathetic.

    1. Mike Waring says

      I’ll correct the error – 25 years ago. Digital keyboard had a meltdown.

      1. AlexaPlayDespacito says

        I’m sorry you didn’t get very far in radio.

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