Chris Evans to leave BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show

Chris Evans is to step down from the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show on 21st December 2018, after 13 years at the station.

Announcing the news on his show this morning (Monday), Chris says he first discussed leaving a few months ago with his bosses, and has only just made his mind up for sure a few weeks ago.

Chris says: “I have absolutely loved every single moment of my time at Radio 2. The last 13 years have flashed by in what seems like the blink of an eye. I have learnt so much from so many people to whom I will be eternally grateful.

“As Sir Terry said before me, there’s never a right time to leave something you love but there might be a wrong time if you hang on too long. I honestly think The Breakfast Show is currently as positive, useful, sunny and inclusive as it has ever been. In fine shape for its next custodian. Whoever that turns out to be, I wish them all the very best, they are in for an absolute blast.”

Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC, says: “Chris has been an absolutely first-class presenter of the Breakfast Show. He has brought both warmth and a genuine insight into what listeners want. He has given 100 percent to each of his BBC projects, including raising millions of pounds for Children in Need. I’d like to thank him for all his efforts over the years and wish him all the best for the future.”

Chris first joined Radio 2 in September 2005 as the host of the Saturday afternoon show, moving to Drive Time in April 2006. Chris took over from Sir Terry Wogan as the host of the Radio 2 Breakfast Show in January 2010.

Bob Shennan, Director, BBC Radio and Music (and former Radio 2 Controller), says: “Chris has been done an incredible job for Radio 2 for more than a decade. He has taken Breakfast radio to new heights and is one of the greats. We will miss him and plan to build an even stronger station, taking inspiration from both his, and his predecessor Sir Terry Wogan’s, legacy.”

Lewis Carnie, Head of Radio 2, says: “Over the past eight years on Breakfast, Chris has built an incredibly close relationship with the Radio 2 audience. I’d like to thank him, on behalf of them all, for becoming their friend via the airwaves. We look forward to launching a brand new Radio 2 Breakfast Show early in the New Year.”

His replacement is expected to be announced soon.

In an email to staff, Bob Shennan added:

Dear all,

You may well have just heard the news from the man himself, but I wanted to write to tell you that Chris Evans has decided to leave Radio 2 at the end of the year. Chris just announced the news to his Radio 2 audience at 0815 this morning. Even writing these words seems odd, but we all respect his decision to move on and thank him for everything he has done.

Chris has decided that now is a good time to close this brilliant chapter in his career & seek out a new one. He has been with Radio 2 for more than a dozen years and for 8 of them he has been the host of Breakfast. His contribution to the station and to the BBC has been immense. He has been a brilliant colleague and innovator. We will, of course, miss him hugely.

We will announce our plans for the new Breakfast show in due course. We have a wonderful team at Wogan House, and you can rest assured we intend to build on Chris and Terry’s amazing legacy and to ensure that the most listened-to Radio station in Europe goes from strength to strength.



Bob Shennan
Director BBC Radio & Music

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  1. Stuart says

    Simon Mayo to breakfast?

    1. David Finlay says

      Good choice at least he wouldn’t have Jo Whiley.

    2. Steve says

      I support Simon Mayo over any of the screeching gabbling women talking nonsense currently favoured by auntie Beeb

      1. AlexaPlayDespacito says


        1. Sheila says

          I think Jesus might be busy 🙂

  2. David Finlay says

    About time. He is no DJ just a yobbish loudmouth but fear that Sara Cox another one will probably take over. Why don’t they pick Mark Goodier who did an excellent job last week. A proper DJ.

    1. Stuart says

      He’s a bit bland, plus has other interests and recently suffered some bad health. Wouldn’t be a great choice

      1. David Finlay says

        That’s true but there are not many proper DJs these days. The stations employ so called personality and now actors to present shows with absolutely no knowledge. You watch Jeremy Vine will go next due to his extra commitments as of today at Channel 5.

        1. Joe Smith says

          Oh please yes!

  3. Linda says

    It would be great if Simon Mayo replaced Chris Evans on the breakfast show. He needs his own show again.

  4. Pete n says

    About darn time as well he should never have got the job in the first place Ouija like him are the main reason I no longer listen to broadcast radio AT ALL . It is either commercial claptrap or idiots like Evans with his continuous stream of verbal detritus

    1. AlexaPlayDespacito says

      Pete N is right and 9.43 million listeners are wrong.

      1. Sal says

        Sorry for the 9 million but I’m with the rest of the UK who don’t listen! Yay! His constant talking over guests and answering his own questions to them DOES MY HEAD IN.. And talking over half a song…. Would love Simon Mayo!!!

  5. Robin Juste Emery says

    Mark Goodier did a fantastic job last week, but fear it will be Sara Cox who gets to sit in Chris’ chair.

    The only other person best placed to take the position is Simon Mayo, but he did many early mornings when he was on Radio 1.

    I think Vassos Alexander should get the gig, personally!!

    1. David Finlay says

      Totally agree but as for Vassos Alexander who also did a good job a few weeks back it maybe in his view a step too far for him sadly.

  6. Matthew Tosh says

    Good luck Chris with whatever your next step is.

    On one hand, I do hope it is Sara Cox that goes to breakfast but there is plenty of talent on the airwaves to make the battle for BBC R2 Breakfast Presenter epic.

  7. Gareth says

    Proud to say I have never listened, only the overrun into Ken every now and again….& I shan’t be listening when Sara Cox takes over either….can anyone find me 2 more overrated DJs!?

    1. Joe Smith says

      Steve Wright for one!

  8. Jeff C says

    It’s the most wonderful time………of the yeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrr!!!! Great news.

  9. David Finlay says

    The best news ever on a Monday. It is a shame we have to wait till Xmas. Yay!!!!

  10. Joe Smith says

    Fantastic news!!!

  11. Andrew says

    This was the best news on a Monday morning in years – he (along with his ego) was never my first choice to replace the legend of Sir Terry.

  12. David Riddick says

    Great news, replace Evans with Richard Allison who done a great job in standing in for Evans a few years ago.

    1. Joe Smith says

      That would be very good!

      1. sally hayward says

        Please take notice BBC and go with Richard Allinson, or someone who doesn’t divide opinion so much… like Chris Evans does, and Sara Cox seeming to as well. There aren’t many people that most people will agree on but definitely someone easy on the ear to wake up ,who can hold an audience, entertain and for me, as close to Sir Terry as possible! Richard Allisonplease!!.. he only left in 2014 when his weekend show was cancelled due to budget cuts.

  13. Andrew says

    I would put money on Scott Mills. He’s been doing the odd show on 2 over last year and obviously done R1 breakfast for years when main host been on hols. Definitely someone that would bring something new to radio 2 that all those above wouldn’t. Keep Sara Cox as the cover DJ and Scott as the new host.

  14. Josh Dixon says

    Think Paul O`Grady should take over and just watch the audience rise through the roof.

    1. Joe Smith says

      Surely people run screaming out of the door not the roof don’t they?

  15. Josh Dixon says

    How about Tony Blackburn taking over?

  16. Ann Stevens says

    Just the thought of permanently waking up to Sara Cox has me desperately looking for an alternative. Kate Botley’s constant amazing, amazings has sent me off to radio 4 on Sunday mornings and now I need a weekday alternative……..

Comments are closed.