Singer Will Young covers overnights on BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2’s live overnight show, from midnight to 3am, is being covered by Will Young this week.

The Pop Idol winner and singer is on-air each night standing in for OJ Borg who’s covering Drive with Suzi Perry. Will has been on Radio 2 previously but this will be his first week of live cover.

According to the schedule, Will Young is presenting five shows this week, and made his debut on the station on Sunday evening/Monday morning.

He tweeted he was in the building just before the show, confirming he was going to be live. His conversation topic was: “Do you have anything in your house that you REFUSE to throw away?! What is it and why??”

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  1. Adrian says

    Not so long ago they were saying there was no money to do live overnight shows hence they axed some well liked long serving presenters,now they are quite happy to get pop and showbiz stars in to cover even in the small hours,

  2. David says

    There’s a surprise for Radio 2, yet another TV / Pop Personality gets a radio show, I take it all across the UK there’s no quality radio presenter to be found…..I think not!!
    Lots of high quality radio presenters out there screaming for a gig like this and yet again handed on a plate to a duff singer
    Why don’t they just rename it Television 2

  3. Henry says

    I refuse to throw away hackneyed invitations to call or text a national radio station because broadcasting has stood still.That’s why.

  4. M F Bown says

    Bring back Alex and Janice,might listen again then

  5. Mike says

    When are the BBC going to learn that just because you are a success as a singer / actor or comedian you can’t necessarily transfer that to presenting?

    Radio 2 is littered with examples when – as highlighted above – perfectly good, proper presenters are being overlooked.

    1. Mike Rose says

      Radio 2 have been at the top for a very long time which means their management ideas work and continue to evolve in today’s society. You all need to deal with it. If you want Alex & Janice you can listen to them elsewhere in their new jobs.

  6. Adrian says

    It’s really the fact that they were dispensing with people because they said they couldn’t afford live broadcasts overnight and then after a short while it appeared to be no problem that I thought worthy of criticism-almost as if it was a chance to get rid of some of the old guard.In view of the amount the BBC spends on television Radio is nothing so I never personally thought it a valid excuse,what is on now is clearly aimed at the younger end of the audience which is where Radio 2 is increasing going hence the hours of soul and disco on Saturday night much like quite a few commercial stations.

  7. Paul says

    Maybe he has a solid following and has been tried on radio 2 before

  8. Joe Smith says

    Another Z list celebrity has-been employed instead of a radio person.

    1. AlexaPlayDespacito says

      What is a radio person?

  9. Adrian says

    Someone that set out to have a career in the radio business and has often had many years of experience behind the microphone.You can,of course,come from other fields and become a radio person but I think the point being made is that because people are stars of TV and stage that just putting them on the air because they are well known is no guarantee that they will succeed in radio and they are usually paid large amounts at the expense of experienced presenters who would happily do the job for less and often have a better idea of music and how to relate to a radio audience.

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