BBC Sounds branding replaces iPlayer Radio

Ahead of the official launch of BBC Sounds, the branding for the desktop version of BBC iPlayer Radio has now disappeared.

It is now redirecting to with the BBC Sounds logo.

The new mobile app is also getting updated this week to include schedules and downloads

Dan Taylor-Watt, Head, BBC iPlayer & BBC Sounds writes about the update to the BBC Sounds web homepage: “At the top of the homepage is the Listen Live section, showing what’s on all of our national radio stations (and how far through the programmes are), with links to view all stations (including 40 local stations) and schedules. Clicking on a station takes you straight to our new live playback page, where you can instantly restart the live programme and, for music programmes, see recent tracks (both features we’ll soon be bringing to the mobile app).

“The homepage also has various sections designed to help you discover and enjoy the best of our on-demand programmes and podcasts and stay in control of your listening. As on the mobile app, Continue Listening displays episodes and podcasts you’re partway through, so you can easily pick up where you left off, whether that was on a computer, tablet or mobile phone (your listening seamlessly syncs between the website and mobile app).

Recommended For You, as the name suggests, provides a dozen recommendations of audio we think you’ll enjoy based on your listening – the more you listen, the better it gets.

Clicking on any on-demand programme or podcast takes you to our new on-demand playback page which, after playing your chosen selection, automatically cues up a playlist of other on-demand audio to continue your listening experience, much like our broadcast stations.

“We’ll be continuing to refine the logic of this play queue and have provided the option to cancel playback of the next item or switch Autoplay off altogether if you’re only ever after shorter listening sessions. We will very soon be adding tracklists to the new on-demand playback page and improving the playback controls in line with the app.”

Have a look at the new page here and watch out for more information after the official launch on October 30th.

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  1. Dave says

    I thought the BBC were suppose to be cutting costs, they have so far reverse all the cuts to local radio, bbc parliament channel. The proposed FM swiich off & know the spending even more money on a new online app. I guess they will want to increase the licence fee again.
    Plus I forgot spending a fortune on LW & MW no one listens to.

    1. AlexaPlayDespacito says

      They have an in-house development team, so they didn’t spend “even more money” on it.

  2. Joe Smith says

    Yet more re-arranging of the deckchairs on the Titanic.

  3. Stephen Hall says

    Downloads are already included in the Sounds app. They were added in the last update.

  4. Bob Tomlinson says

    I really don’t like the new format, it’s too flashy. I don’t see the point. IPlayer was familiar, easy to use. Seems to me someone’s showing off, for as a constant listener I was never asked about any changes other than the questionnaire which I used to convey my satisfaction. For heaven’s sake pack Sounds off to the archives.

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