Little Mix drops double swear bomb at BBC Radio 1

Nick Grimshaw had to cut an interview with Little Mix short on Monday afternoon after the girls let out two swear words within minutes of each other.

Talking about Piers Morgan, one of the girls, Jesy Nelson called him a tw*t which was quickly followed by an apology from Nick for offensive language on the BBC. The group laughed it off before moving the conversation to the topic of constant reports of the band in the papers, to which Little Mix said it pi**ed them off.

Nick then said “Stop swearing Little Mix” and cut the girls off going straight into a song.

In response, Piers Morgan tweeted the girls saying: “If you’re brave enough @LittleMix – come on @GMB tomorrow & say when you’ve just been saying about me on Radio One (sic) to my face. Then we can debate your cynical exploitation of nudity to sell records.”

Piers also repeated the first swear word on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, demanding an apology for being called a tw*t on national radio.

Have a listen to the swears below, captured by Radiofail.

And here’s another clip of Little Mix during the same show:

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  1. Radio Geordie says

    Piers Morgan is a Tw*t, a Cun* and a wa*ker and should be in jail for what he got away with (phone hacking).

  2. elfie says

    even know she said it on a crap station little mix make a good point,

    1. Joe Smith says

      Indeed the headline should be “Crap group surprise everyone by telling the truth on a crap station”

  3. Sigh says

    Those are curse words??!? Why doesn’t the BBC use a delay button? They could have been bleeped out.

    1. jeff c says

      They do have a delay button but it’s far easier to generate headlines and get much needed publicity for Nick “didn’t he used to present breakfast” Grimshaw.

      1. Foxesjukebox says

        R1 broadcast in real time, as do 99% of radio stations

  4. x says

    Shouldn’t the language used on radio reflect that used, by many, in everyday life? Do we need such nanny-ish protection?

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