Rylan Clark-Neal joins BBC Radio 2 weekends

Rylan Clark-Neal will present a brand new Saturday afternoon show on BBC Radio 2 from January 2019, replacing Zoe Ball.

Since coming fifth on The X Factor in 2012, Rylan won Celebrity Big Brother in 2013 and has been a presenter across TV and radio. Earlier this year, Rylan joined Radio 1’s Scott Mills as the co-host of BBC Four’s Eurovision coverage out in Lisbon, following his appearance as a guest judge on the BBC’s Eurovision: You Decide. Rylan was nominated for Best Presenter at the 2016 and 2017 National Television Awards and won the title of Radio Times TV Presenter Champion 2017.

Rylan says: “I’m so excited and honoured to be joining the BBC Radio 2 family. After stepping in for the amazing Zoe Ball over the summer, working with her fantastic team, I’m thrilled that I’ll be working with them again to fill listeners’ Saturday afternoons with fun, great music and a lot of laughter. I wish Zoe every success as the station’s new Breakfast Show host and I’m sure she’s going to be as brilliant as she always has been. I can’t wait to get started and look forward to being in the studio from the New Year.”

He is also the host of Step Back in Time with Rylan Clark-Neal, a six-part series created especially for BBC Sounds, which launches on the 16th November 2018.

Lewis Carnie, Head of Radio 2 says: “I’m delighted that Rylan can join Radio 2 and we will give him a warm welcome in his new presenting role. Our listeners can expect a wonderful mix of fun and Rylan’s inimitable style on Saturday afternoons.”

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  1. Fred says

    Really? That’s the best they can offer as a replacement ? Pffffft

  2. Alan says

    Please not him he is awful get rid Rylan now and this is a total disaster for Radio 2

  3. Ryan says

    This is a disgrace,The radio station let go of alex lester and janice long.You have now lost another listener.I supposed you will have steve wright and ken bruce maki ng his green tea.

  4. Pete in Spain says

    Always the same old, same old, all from the same club.
    So his gig on Ch 4 ends, oh no, I’m unemployed, don’t worry ol’chum, we can find you a gig.
    No thought of the general public who want quality radio not some TV Superstar (in their own mind) who I guess will not be self opp and need a team to bounce off of to generate any vibe in the studio.
    Gawd help us!

  5. Dan Dean says

    He is an extremely good broadcaster, very able and a very good choice.

  6. Neal says

    Good luck to Ryland. I appreciate Fred and Alan’s comments here but have to say with the current management thinking at Radio 2 there are other likely choices they could have been considering that would have been far worse. I know he will not be to everybody’s taste but I think he would be a good replacement for Steve Wright. Maybe that is what they have in mind long term?! Me personally I still mourn the days of the Stereo Sequence with Johnnie Walker and Roger Scott admittedly on Radio 1 in those days. Serious radio for serious music fans but I know those days at the BBC are a major distant memory.

    1. Joe Smith says

      To be fair a pot plant would be a good replacement for Steve Wright.

  7. Joe Smith says

    To be fair a pot plant would be a good replacement for Steve Wright.

  8. Pat says

    Crazy scheduling-there was no need to appoint any new presenter-they could have moved Liza Tarbuck to 3pm then have time for more of the specialist output.By the way I think If anything should be in the Sunday evening slot it’s not Reggae, or R&B but Elaine Paige’s show-that would fit perfectly there and please older listeners.

  9. No. Watson says

    Well done Lewis Carney. Just when we thought your planning couldn’t get any worse you bring us Rylan. Hopefully not too long before we find Simon on smooth.

  10. Chris Moore says

    I’ve been a defender of some of the changes at Radio 2 on here, but this is an odd one.

  11. Rob Charles says

    They should have given a Saturday afternoon show to Simon Mayo If he wanted time off to go and work on his TV show in Australia for a couple of weeks, no problem. Dermot very rarely does a full month without being off. Not Rylan’s biggest fan got to say & this makes me feeling numb about British radio. Clearly, the best days are now in the past. If he was that good I would have thought Heart would have been an ideal station.

  12. H Hill says

    I am happy about this, I enjoyed his shows when he stood in for Zoe. I don’t like some of the other changes, no mention of Craig Charles? But I like Rylan, good luck to him.

  13. AlexaPlayDespacito says

    Excellent. BBC Radio 2 is in dire need of more representation from the LGBTQ+ community. Congratulations Rylan.

    1. Joe Smith says

      Wrong again. Radio 2 simply needs more good broadcasters full-stop.

      I don’t know how Rylan defines his sexuality and I simply don’t care.

      I only care about whether he is a good broadcaster or not.

      Sorry if that upsets your agenda.

  14. Graham B says

    Good Luck to Rylan, I enjoy his presenting skills BBC 2 Needs some new fresh talent.
    All these moaners sound like the Daily Mail Brigade.
    I am sure he will do well.

  15. DaveP says

    A strange choice indeed. Watched him mumbling on Strictly last night and coudn’t make out a word he said. Seems bosses a R2 are more interested in Z list ‘celebs’ than people with radio experience. Janice, Alex L long gone and next its Chris and Simon. Guess however he does tick the politically correct boxes.

  16. Radio Geordie says

    So that’s three more reasons not to listen.
    1. Zoe Ball
    2. Sara Cox
    3. Some bloke who’s famous because he once appeared in a crappy talent show.

    1. Joe Smith says

      3. and who should be employed because of his sexuality apparently.

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