Zoe Ball welcomes listeners to new Radio 2 Breakfast

BBC Radio 2’s new breakfast show started this morning with Zoe Ball welcoming listeners old and new to the programme and the new team.

Zoe’s first song was Respect by Aretha Franklin just after 6.30am on Monday.

Her team includes Richie Anderson on travel, Mike Williams on sport, weather with Carol Kirkwood, news with Tina Daheley and a daily Pause For Thought.

Zoe says: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be following in the giant footsteps of Chris Evans as the host of the Radio 2 Breakfast Show. To be the first woman to present this very special show is both an honour and privilege.

“Believe me, I’m not underestimating the enormity of the task, to follow not one but two of my broadcasting idols, into such a well-loved show is somewhat daunting but I hope, in the same way that Chris made this show his own after taking over from the wonderful Sir Terry Wogan, that with a top team alongside me, I can bring the fabulous Radio 2 audience a show they want to wake up to.”

It’s a big day for the station with new programmes during the day and into the evening. Sara Cox hosts her first permanent drive-time show from 5pm till 7pm. On moving into the new slot Sara says: “I’ve been proud to be part of the Radio 2 family for a few years now and the opportunity to present such a big show… playing fantastic music and hopefully making people smile as they cook tea or head home after a day’s graft – is the icing on what is already a very brilliant cake.

“I’m beyond chuffed to be given this role and to directly quote my mum on hearing the good news, it is indeed ‘fandabbyruddydozy’.”

Zoe’s first guest: John Cleese

Former drive co-host Jo Whiley is moving to evenings, and starts her new show today as well. Jo says: “I’m very much looking forward to hosting a new show for a new year which will have music at the very heart of it as well as guests and live sessions. Dream show, actually. Can’t wait!”

Jo will be on from 7pm till 9pm, with specialist programmes following at 9pm each night and Trevor Nelson’s new Rhythm Nation, also starting tonight.

Trevor says: “To present eight hours a week of the music I love on BBC Radio 2 is a dream come true for me. I’ll be introducing tracks from some soul stars of the future as well as playing some of my favourite songs from the past 50 years of dance music, from Motown to the present day. Bring it on!”

Trevor previously presented Rhythm Nation on Radio 2 on Saturday nights (8pm-10pm).

RadioToday’s take

It’s been a very long time since the biggest radio station in the UK introduced four brand new shows in the same day – if ever.

And to add to the buzz, former host Chris Evans kicks off his new rival show this time next week. Timing is everything, and Zoe starting a week earlier allows Chris Evans fans to try out the new Zoe Ball show before they are likely to ‘follow him’ to Virgin Radio. It’s a big risk (and a clever move, even if unintentional by Radio 2) giving listeners a week to sample the replacement before moving the digital dial.

But like watching the pilot of a good Netflix series, they might just get hooked and stay with Zoe until the end.

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  1. jamie white says

    Music is not the same the breakfast was ok but nothing like a male lto make you happy in mornings they should of keep things the way it was. With fri night at 12am being sound of 50s for the first 6 weeks of 2019

  2. Jodie appleton says

    Didn’t think much of the breakfast. Females never seem to do it for me. I still think we should have a songs of the 50s I think it should be on Sunday 6pm-7pm hosted by Paul of grady and the guy who did it before from April

  3. Jeff C says

    I want two hours of 90s music such as Sounds Of The 90s which would a, compliment the 70s and 80s perfectly and b, round off the 20th Century nicely.

  4. Roger Bourne says

    Well we all know by now that we are in an aggressively assertive period when women are determined to challenge and take the lead wherever they can. When they turn out to be GREAT we are all pleased. Women’s football, rugby, basket ball I support them all. But three women presenters all in new slots on the same day? The advice I was given years ago regarding demo singers was DON’T have them sung by a female, they will take the song off after 20 seconds even if the song is good. Too many women spoil the broth as far as Radio goes. There is going to be trouble. All my evening programmes that I used to listen to (Bob Harris, folk, jazz and blues are now after 9PM when my TV programmes start so I won’t hear them anymore.

  5. Pluk says

    From first days listening:
    Cox, excellent
    Wiley, excellent
    Nelson, very good
    Ball, oh dear. This will be a huge mistake and ratings disaster. Inane drivel, no direction, I give it til summer tops…

  6. Alan says

    Thanks for listen to you from yesteday on your first time breakfast show on Radio 2 Zoe Ball.

  7. Keith says

    Richie – please stop the animated travel. Every bulletin doesn’t need to be a performance and in fact, the detail is getting lost in the animation. Thank you. Good luck Zoe – tough shoes to fill…

  8. Len Groat says

    I’ve listened to this show and it has a basic FAULT….

    EVERY link Ball goes at 125mph, getting over-excited about EVERYTHING, never pausing for breath, ASSUMING the listener knows WHO all the voices/ guests are…

    BUT….. most of the the music played is slow or mid-tempo, TOO LONG, so is completely out of synch with her links.. and a lot of it is just DULL or obscure

    There are not enough known/ hummable/ shorter songs of the same tempo as her manically fast links !

    SLOW DOWN girl………… it’s NOT a Saturday night disco show

  9. dowatt says

    they certainly forgot simon mayo quick enough

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