Wisebuddah produces branding for new Radio 2 shows

Following the week of new programmes starting on BBC Radio 2 in January, Wisebuddah has created a montage of all the new jingles and themes it has created.

The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show sees four brand new Show Openers, whilst Sarah Cox has two new Openers as well as a makeover for All Request Friday. Both shows air a new shared Sports theme and have also had various music elements created by Wisebuddah for their regular features.
In addition, Wisebuddah created bespoke themes for Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation and Rylan Clark-Neal’s new show ‘Rylan on Saturday’.

There’s also a remix of the travel bed, along with a new theme for the network’s story-writing competition, 500 Words.
Paul Plant, MD of Wisebuddah Jingles: “As ever it has been a truly rewarding experience for our production team faced with the challenge of creating something from scratch for the UK’s most listened to network.

“The range of content and music across the station is as broad as it gets and, in this respect, makes BBC Radio 2 unique.”

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  1. Adrian says

    The music content is ‘as broad as it gets’.Not so much these days to my ears anyway.

  2. Jacqueline Mccormack says

    Totally agree and who thought up the line go home with a giggle for the Sarah Cox show its demeaning. I don’t listen to either show now tuned to virgin instead. Used to love Sarah Cox when she did the breakfast show but don’t rate her tea time show and Zoe Ball is a poor substitute for Chris Evans

  3. Allan Wallace says

    Given Radio Two’s massive, guaranteed budget, can you imagine how fabulous Radio 2 would sound with someone like Len Groat at the helm. I wonder what Len makes of this new jingle package.

    1. Nigel says

      Len would play a lot of jingles which would only appeal to radio annoraks. Therefore it wouldn’t appeal to the masses and listenership would go down.

  4. Tim says

    Radio 2 has completely lost its way. It used to be on all day but I never tune in now. There is so much more choice and better presenters on commercial stations. The adverts used to be annoying but the BBC play so many trailers for other shows how that are even more annoying.

  5. Len Groat says

    Thank you to Allan above for the ‘honourable mention’ – I don’t know him and actually DID start a reply this morning, but was delayed by a 7 hour power cut!

    If you have a short attention span like today’s younger radio listeners.. stop here…

    “Too much (public) money, and too many cooks”

    Can I “nicely” critique both Radio 2 the ‘jingles’ and the Wise Buddah press-release*

    The “new Zoe Ball openers” are ALL the same old electro/Minogue rhythms – unoriginal and cliched – a style started long ago and has been used on too many stations. And one is rather similar to a cut TM jingles of Dallas* did for Jeffro (Jeffery T. Mason)!

    Surely the breakfast how jingles should reflect a variety of musical styles and not sound like you are still at last night’s disco? The instrumental tracks are TOO BUSY so Cox has to fade them so low you can’t hear them anyway – and they simply are NOT going to ‘fit’ with the songs, so by definition are NOT jingles.

    The Sarah Cox “new openers”… are slightly better… But WHY did Radio 2 want “a remix of the travel bed” given that:

    1. The ‘presenters’ TALK ALL OVER IT – even though it has a SUNG intro, so the listeners don’t even HEAR it !

    2. It does not even sing the word ‘Travel’ !! (Am I missing something here?)

    As regards Paul Plant saying, “it has been a truly rewarding experience for our production team faced with the challenge of creating something from scratch for the UK’s most listened to network”, Challenge? Isn’t that the case with EVERY custom package? And I did that every year for 12 years*** as the ONLY person from the station, with a team of just 2 others.

    As regards “The range of content and music across (Radio 2) is as broad as it gets” Has Paul not heard that his client is to stop playing songs from the 60s and 70s !?

    Radio 2 is not “unique” – it’s in a horrible transition period because of the over PC approach to employing staff, gender-balance, is far too London-trendy, has too many ‘presenters’ not enough DJs… yet (ironically) it expects listeners, but does not LISTEN to what the mature part of its audience wants (and pays for!)

    I write this as someone who wrote and helped produce*** 10 custom jingle packages and has been a PAMS/JAM customer since 1978. Despite that I appreciate in the current climate the Radio 2 jingles have to be made in the UK but the FACT most hours the station only play 2 or 3, shows these simply are NOT right, and do not ‘work’ on the station.

    Time for a completely NEW package!

    As always with the BBC it’s too much (public) money, and too many cooks.

    * https://radiotoday.co.uk/2019/02/wisebuddah-produces-branding-for-new-radio-2-shows/

    ** https://soundcloud.com/jeffrey-t-mason/2015-jeffro-radio-jingle-montage

  6. Andrew Topham says

    What was a great listen is not so much now for Radio 2 which I have loved for years.
    I have to say I haven’t heard the new morning show yet as I avoided it like the plague while the annoying Ginger One was hosting it but please what have they done to Drivetime🤪🤪🤪. First they paired up probably the best DJ on the Radio in SIMON Mayo with Jo Whiley which never worked, as they were both better on there own, and then horror upon horror he leaves only to be replaced by a very hard to listen too Sarah Cox. As the saying goes, if it’s not bust….etc so come back Simon or would you be a man too many😜😜😜

  7. Des Rowland says

    You are pleased with what they have done to drive, but you don’t like sara cox? How does that make sense?

  8. Des Rowland says

    Wise buddah are owned by Mark Goodier…see the link

  9. Tom Carnaffin says

    Breakfast and. Drive time are now just pure rubbish

  10. Hhh says

    I really miss Simon Mayo! I now have an hour driving and have still not found anything to replace 🙁

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