Andrew Ridgeley to host Bank Holiday special on BBC Radio 2

Andrew Ridgeley is hosting a special 80s music show on BBC Radio 2 next month.

He’ll make his radio presenting with Andrew Ridgeley’s 80s’ Playlist on Monday 6th May from 5pm till 7pm.

Andrew will be playing the tracks that mean the most to him from the decade and sharing his own memories and stories from the era in which he dominated the pop charts as one half of Wham!, alongside George Michael.

Artists to be played include Aztec Camera, Prince, XTC and Fleetwood Mac.

Andrew says: “I am absolutely thrilled and privileged to have been asked by Radio 2 to host my very own radio show this May Bank Holiday and to have the chance to play my definitive Greatest 80’s playlist. I am really rather excited at the prospect!

“I’ve spent hours and hours trying to whittle down my favourite tracks spanning the decade and it’s been a real treat revisiting so many wonderful songs. There are some omissions that I’ve hated making, but have chosen tracks that excited or moved me and that are shining examples of the talent of the era.

It’s a really varied selection and reflects the vast breadth of styles that made the 80’s a stand out decade. I hope you enjoy my playlist as much as I have putting this fantastic audio retrospective together – and yes, I will be playing Wham!.”

Lewis Carnie, Head of Radio 2 says: “As Andrew was one of the best loved figures of the pop world in the 80s, and as Wham! continue to be a favourite with our listeners, he’s the perfect choice to play us his most loved tracks of the era.”

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  1. Pat says

    Goodness,I never thought I’d see the day when Wham! would be a Radio 2 favourite.Yet another pop star brought on to the station-nice work if you can get it!.

  2. Radio Producer says

    Another ‘radio professional’ brought in to prop up Radio 2…..
    This station is becoming a joke

    1. T1 says

      Talking on the radio – it’s not that difficult. Anyone can do it. Most people have been trained to speak English.

  3. Allan Wallace says

    Why does Lewis Carnie have such an aversion to hiring bonafide disc jockeys?

    1. T1 says

      Talking on the radio – it’s not that difficult Allan. Anyone can do it. Most people have been trained to speak English.

  4. Ben Wright says

    It is only a one off gig special it’s great to hear more 80s on radio how about getting Mike Reid or Dean Martin or both to do a series of music a three week one hour series of rat pack music. And a 3 week show of 60s and 70s females singers. Write up to the radio 2 if u want it

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