Classic clips make up new six-part series for BBC Radio Foyle

BBC Radio Foyle continues its birthday celebrations with the launch of a new six-part series of classic archive featuring the people and places across the North West.

Each week, in Foyle At 40, beginning on Friday 21 June at 4.30pm, a special guest presenter finds classic clips from the station’s archive, featuring voices from the past that tell the story of our place, our people and our community in the North West.

Across the six weeks, guest presenters include Joe Mahon (pictured), Sarah Brett, Anita Robinson, Ken McCormick, Ritchie Kelly and Mary Harte.

Larry Deeney, Managing Editor, BBC Radio Foyle, says: “We are lucky that the North West is a unique place full of characters and stories. BBC Radio Foyle has thrived over the past 40 years because you, its audience, have allowed us into your lives.

“You have brought us your issues and we have fought your corner. We have listened to music and laughed together. With this year of special programmes and events, we want to thank you for listening, celebrate our successes, and look ahead to another 40 years together.”

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  1. Willie Bone says

    Hearty congratulations to the 40th anniversary of BBC Radio Foyle! Great for news around County Derry and the border towns of County Donegal! One of the most charming programmes on BBC Radio Foyle is Sean Coyle’s weekday programme..

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