BBC Radio 1 to air new chart programme on Sunday afternoons

A new show, The Official Chart: First Look, is being introduced to BBC Radio 1 in the historic Sunday afternoon chart countdown slot.

The programme will be live from the BBC in Salford and produced by MediaCityUK-based indie Audio Always, each Sunday from 6pm till 7pm.

The Official Chart: First Look will launch on July 14th hosted by Cel Spellman and Katie Thistleton, focussing on the Top 20 biggest tracks from data collected on Friday and Saturday, with the Top 10 played in full.

Official Charts Company chief executive Martin Talbot said: “This is a fantastic new show on BBC Radio 1, giving a very first glance at the data we have collected at this early stage in the chart week – raising profile of new tracks which are making a move ahead of the full, Official Singles Chart rundown every Friday.

“The aim is build anticipation for all of the new music released that week and provide a running commentary using our most preliminary streaming and sales reports.”

The show is in addition to the actual Top 40 Countdown, which is now broadcast every Friday afternoon with Scott Mills.

Katie Thistleton says: “I am so excited that we are going to be broadcasting The Official Chart: First Look on Sundays 6-7! The Official Chart is such iconic radio and we know that during that slot our listeners love to hear the best chart tunes and get shout outs. I love listening to the official chart with Scott and love that we get to be a part of that buzz!”

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  1. Mr Boltar says

    Whats the point? The charts have little meaning these days since you can’t measure every stream and download out there and if you limit it to just purchases then you might as well not bother.

  2. Ross Patzelt says

    Why do they not just go back to the old way of 3 hours play every song job done

    1. mb23 says

      They do that on a Friday.

  3. MARK LEVY says

    It’s good on the other hand that Radio 1 is producing a show like this outside of London for a change though

    1. Colin Harris says

      What difference does it make where it is produced? They are probably losing listeners to Global and Baeur Medias chart shows. And neither being official official the officialchart company probably dont like it either

  4. Mark Farlow says

    Yep sounds good but why not just move the whole thing back to Sundays . I never listen on Fridays. Still at work.

  5. Terry Box says

    This is nothing new

    The Chart show was moved to Sundays when it used to be Pick of the Pops with the late great Alan Freeman, where it stayed until a few years ago. The Name changed through the years from Pick of the Pops to Solid Gold Sixty with Tom Browne then The Chart show with Simon Bates Tommy Vance, Bruno Brooks & then Mark Goodier.

    It then changed hands again several times until recently when it moved from late Sunday afternoon to Friday Afternoon. Now it has one hour on Sunday 6-7 but outside London this time as previously mentioned .

    This has been done before where Record Companies were buying into the chart to get their records played & straight to Number one.

    Even other chart shows on Independent Radio will try to make theirs the Default chart show.

    Nothing against the new presenters for this so-called new show but for it to work as it is meant to be, someone in an official authority needs to keep an eye on the ball to keep out any discrepancies.

    1. Spooner says

      Exactly, just as I was thinking!

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