The Hide and Seek game is back at BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 is playing another game of Hide and Seek with its listeners starting on Tuesday afternoon.

Greg James, Nick Grimshaw, Maya Jama and Jordan North were all taken away from the studio around 8am, leaving Scott Mills and Adele Roberts in the studio to continue hosting the breakfast show, along with Clara Amfo.

The station says Greg and Grimmy are on their way to a hiding place but the eventual place will not be hospitals, fire stations, police stations, or anywhere they’d cause a nuisance. Anywhere dangerous including derelict buildings or military bases are also ruled out.

It’s a year since the first game of Hide and Seek was played at Radio 1 – with Greg and Grimmy being found in Liverpool after around 24 hours.

At the time of writing, Greg and Grimmy were recently seen heading East along the Thames in a speedboat and then spotted at the O2.

You can follow the live blog on the game here.

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  1. Allan Wallace says

    When, exactly, did Radio 1 turn into a kindergarten?

    1. David says

      Exactly, heard a bit this morning utter drivel. It’s great listening to the other R1 jocks pretending to big it up when they’re really thinking what rubbish this is.

      1. Adie says

        Nick said you got a taxi with him, jordan said he was the one getting the train. They where getting the train, jordan got a taxi with them

      2. mb23 says

        The station is aimed at people under 30, so it’s meant to be a fun feature for people aged 15-29.

        1. Allan Wallace says

          How unfortunate that Radio 1 has such little respect for the intelligence and mature listening habits of young adults.

  2. Adie says

    Jordan knows where you are

  3. Joe Smith says

    Maybe Radio 2 could try the same trick with Feltz, Vine & Wright but not bother about finding them.

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