Zoe Ball joins top earners list at the BBC

New BBC Radio 2 breakfast show host Zoe Ball has joined the BBC big earners top 10 list whilst Jeremy Vine took at £110k pay cut

Vanessa Feltz also makes it inside the top 10 list, which this year includes three women for the first time, along with Claudia Winkleman.

Chris Evans is still in the list, as it covers the period from April 2018 to March 2019, so will only represent nine months of work. He got £1.25m for 150 editions of the Breakfast Show (or £8.3k per programme).

Zoe Ball’s wage at £370,000 to £374,999 represents the first three months of hosting Breakfast (30 programmes), plus nine months of Saturday shows (40 programmes).

Vanessa Feltz got paid £355,000 – £359,999 for 200 editions of the Radio 2 Early Breakfast Show and 220 editions of Radio London Breakfast Show.

Some male radio presenters, who agreed on a pay cut after revelations over equal salaries, are now further down the list, including Jeremy Vine, Steve Wright, John Humphrys and Nicky Campbell.

Here’s how much some of the top radio broadcasters were paid in the latest report covering 2018/19:

Chris Evans: £1.250m – £1.254 (£1.660 – £1.669 previously (full year figure))
Graham Norton: £610,000 – £614,999 (£600-610k previously)
Steve Wright: £465,000 – £469,999 (£550-560k previously)
Claudia Winkleman: £370,000 – £374,999 (£370k – £379k previously)
Nicky Campbell: £340,000 – £345,999 (£410-420k previously)
Stephen Nolan: £325,000 – £329,999 (£400-£410k previously)
Greg James: £310,000 – £314,999 (110 Drive shows, 80 breakfast on Radio 1) (£170k – £179k previously)
Nick Grimshaw: £310,000 – £314,999 (£400-410k previously)
Lauren Laverne: £305,000 – £309,999 (140 mid-morning shows, 60 on breakfast at 6 Music) (£230k – £239k previously)
John Humphrys: £290,000 – £294,999 (£400k – £409k previously)
Scott Mills: £285,000 – £289,999 (£280k – £289k previously)
Ken Bruce: £280,000 – £284,999 (£300k – £309k previously)
Jeremy Vine: £290,000 – £294,999 (£440-450k previously)
Jo Whiley: £270,000 – £274,999 (£170k – £179k previously)
Simon Mayo: £245,000 – £249,999 (£340k – £349k previously)
Sara Cox: £235,000 – £239,999
Tina Daheley: £185,000 – £189,999 (£150k – £159k previously)
Adrian Chiles: £180,000 – £184,999
Annie Mac: £180,000 – £184,999
Nihal Arthanayake: £175,000 – £179,999
Rachel Burden: £170,000 – £174,999 (£150k – £159k previously)
Trevor Nelson: £165,000 – £169,999 (£150k – £159k previously)
Shaun Keaveny: £160,000 – £164,999 (160 6 Music Breakfast Shows, 50 6 Music Afternoon Shows) (£170k – £179k previously)
Mark Radcliffe: £155,000 – £159,999 (£190k – £199k previously)
Dotun Adebayo: £150,000 – £154,999
Clara Amfo: £150,000 – £154,999

In management:

Tony Hall Director-General: £450,000 – £454,999
Ken MacQuarrie Director, Nations and Regions: £325,000 – £329,999
James Purnell Director, Radio and Education: £305,000 – £309,999
Bob Shennan Group Managing Director: £275,000 – £279,999
Graham Ellis Controller, Radio Production: £210,000 – £214,999
Ben Cooper Controller, Radio 1, 1Xtra and Asian Network: £200,000 – £204,999
Gwyneth Williams Controller, Radio 4: £195,000 – £199,999
Charlotte Lock Launch Director, Sounds: £185,000 – £189,999
Alan Davey Controller, Radio 3: £175,000 – £179,999
Jonathan Wall Controller, 5 Live: £165,000 – £169,999
Chris Burns Senior Head of Local Radio Commissioning: £150,000 – £154,999

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Well in the broadcasters list above I can find less than half a dozen who deserve to be paid anything above the minimum wage.

    As for Vanessa Feltz she should be paying the BBC to allow her to broadcast.

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Agreed on both. And I’ve never understood why Feltz is so popular. She has an annoying faux sympathy agony aunt type voice and manner which works on some TV chat shows but is completely wrong for a radio, especially a breakfast show.

  2. Billy says

    There are plenty of non celeb presenters out there. BBC could make huge saving free us of ego fm and continue to pay the tv license for the unsighted amongst us.

    1. Stuart says

      There’s a very obvious problem with that though. A ‘non-celeb’ presenter soon becomes more well known, experienced and worth more money.

      Everyone on that list wasn’t famous at some point

      1. Billy says

        At that point don’t re engage and bring in fresh face maybe

      2. Joe Smith says

        A big difference between hiring a non-celeb presenter and letting them develop their existing broadcasting skills and hiring a celeb presenter and paying them a small fortune for skills they don’t have.

  3. Richard says

    How come Feltz gets so much for doing a local London Show?
    Other local BBC presenters should get more too then?
    No wonder JV does a Channel 5 show in the morning, as he took a pay cut to subsidise V. Feltz’s food shopping bill!

  4. Peter Boyd says

    When the superstar presenters go on holiday and BBC bring in the newby’s we laugh and say ooh they’ve dragged the cleaner in who generally cope adequately well!

    1. Joe Smith says

      Is that what you say when Alan Carr sits in for Graham Norton? And Vanessa Feltz sits in for for Jeremy Vine? And Fearne Cotton for Zoe Ball? And Gary Davies for Ken Bruce?

      But I do agree that at least three of those four replacements would be better employed as cleaners.

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