BBC iPlayer for Radio app to close this month

The BBC will withdraw the iPlayer for Radio app this month in a bid to move users over to the newer BBC Sounds platform.

Closure of the app will begin on September 16th, allowing listeners to move over to BBC Sounds by the end of September.

James Purnell, Director, Radio & Education says: “We’ve been improving Sounds all the time, and the time has come to switch off iPlayer Radio so the BBC only has one audio app.

“We said that was the plan when we launched Sounds, but have kept iPlayer Radio going till now as there was well-used functionality in iPlayer Radio which we wanted to implement – and improve on – in Sounds.”

The latest app update for BBC Sounds means it now matches the major features and functionality of iPlayer Radio, and with nearly 1.9 million weekly signed in users, BBC Sounds is used by more people than the old iPlayer Radio app.

Currently, BBC Sounds is only available in the UK, unlike BBC iPlayer for Radio. This issue was raised by Australia-based Brit James Cridland, to which Purnell replied saying the BBC Sounds app will hopefully be available outside the UK in the future.

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  1. Ray Woodward says

    Not before time, after all the BBC said it was to close “soon” the betterpart of 12 month ago …

    1. Ste says

      Pity they haven’t included an alarm mode to BBC Sounds. It is so nice to wake up to Radio Leeds even though I live in London.

  2. Chris H says

    Have they added track listings yet?
    It appears I was one of the few who used Playlister / My Tracks, and have been holding out until they at least showed the past songs played, and not just the current track.
    It still feels like a step backwards.

  3. Neal says

    Yeah bloody great I have an old iPhone that suits me fine and I don’t want to upgrade as it Is all I need for my purposes but ios is too old to load bbc sounds app so with them dumping tunein too that’s just bloody fantastic. No wonder our landfill sites are so full-forever forced to dump equipment we don’t want to all in the name of tech progress. Have seen BBC sounds app on friends device-think it’s crap compared to iplayer anyway. BBC really p*****g me off lately bunch of elite idiots dictating to those who pay their over inflated salaries and taking no notice of anybody. Complaints about them dumping tunein are everywhere with the disabled who have found and had Alexa set up for them to enable multi room listening being the hardest hit but do they care? Do they hell. This country is going downhill quicker than the proverbial s**t through a goose!!

    1. melvyn dalley says

      I must say i do agree with you , i thought we were supposed to be coming move environmentaly friendly, then theres going to be the analogue radios and the first generation of DAB sets ,if DAB plus fully takes over . Tunein worked very well ,i guess soon they may not have many listeners.So now I’m wondering if my internet radio will still work?

      1. David S says

        The BBC has already said that internet radios will continue to be supported, even if they use TuneIn.

        1. Mr Boltar says

          Continued to be supported presumably until they can’t be bothered anymore. Which could be next week.

    2. mfr says

      I’m not sure why disabled people specifically use multi-room. I doubt many people at all use multi-room functionality, and certainly not for radio.

      The BBC sounds app on Alexa offers far more than previous iterations and TuneIn, such as access to all programmes (with a few exceptions) on catchup for the last month, not just the handful that were available as podcasts.

  4. Mark budgen says

    Why should Bbc sounds be made available to the rest of the world who don’t pay for it? Tv licence payers subsidising the world wide audience is a disgrace.

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Who do you think has paid for the World Service for the last 70 years?

  5. Kevin Hunt says

    Yet another case of “Auntie knows best…”. I bet the name Sounds was dreamt up by a team from “W1A”! What next – “Pictures” for TV? Then some bright spark will say but Pictures has sound as well so why not call it “Television” – there’s more genius yet to come…..( I shall resist to the end but when cut-off I guess I’ll have no choice – thanks Auntie.)

  6. Musdicdjuk says

    Far too many companies change software & platforms without proper testing & parrallell running. To give the BBC credit, they have been parrallel running for some time now & given finite resources cannot in all honesty dedicate programmers to keeping a “legacy” system running!

    The iPlayer for Radio was a great piece of software , easy to find your favourite station, catchup clearly signposted and an easy to view interface In otherwords an ideal app for Radio, that even senior listeners could navigate!

    BBC sounds probably also has the potential to be a great piece of software, it’s just not there yet – or even close and until it is I suspect there will be a lot of disgruntled licence payers when they close both Iplayer for Radio & Tune In stream and find an overcrowded interface that may be great for younger users, but not for everyone else!

  7. Steve 111 says

    My only use for for iPlayer radio has been to use the clock radio function to wake me up gently with radio, not a buzzer. I mainly use it when travelling away from home which i do regularly.
    This has been taken away from me since BBC Sounds has been been introduced.
    End result; I shan’t ever be using Sounds now there is no reason to and I have been greatly inconvenienced by not having access to the superior functionality of IPlayer radio.
    Please re-consider your rather cavalier decision to remove the radio alarm function; I like the BBC but you have been making a lot of dodgy decisions lately.

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