BMW starts using RadioDNS technology in new cars

BMW is the latest automotive manufacturer to announce that it has integrated the RadioDNS open standards into its vehicles.

Nick Piggott, Project Director explains: “They’re using our SPI (Service and Programme Information) standard to gather station logos directly from radio stations to keep their dashboards updated. For FM services, those logos are updated over IP, and for DAB services, it’s the same standard, but updated over DAB EPG.

“If you’re a radio station, you just have to publish your metadata to our standards and it will appear in BMW, Audi, VW and Porsche cars. You can find out how to do that on our website or talk to one of our partners.

“If you’re an automotive manufacturer or a technology provider, there’s also information on how to locate and retrieve station logos.”

One of the latest features from RadioDNS now available in some new Audi, VW and Porsche cars, is automatic switching between boradcast radio and streaming services. This enables continuous uninterrupted listening when a car leaves the broadcast area of a radio station.

RadioDNS is continuing to build the size of its ecosystem as more countries, more radio stations and more manufacturers get involved. See more details at

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  1. Mr Boltar says

    One of the first things I’d do if I ever bought a connected car because there was no longer a choice to have an unconnected one, is find the SIM and remove it. I don’t want my cars internal systems connected to the internet or phone network in any way, shape or form.

    1. Joe Smith says

      How interesting.

      1. Mr Boltar says

        Its whats known as starting a discussion. Clearly continuing one is beyond you. Go back to your playstation.

        1. Joe Smith says

          Nope it’s what is known as boring the pants off everyone by assuming anyone is at all interested in your sad dreary little abusive life.

          And it seems I’m not the only one who thinks that.

          1. Joe Smith says

            By the way what did you have for dinner? I’m so interested.

          2. Mr Boltar says

            Thank you for proving my point so emphatically 🙂

    2. Ted says

      Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Michael V says

    Great that these big black squares are getting updated with radio information. Makes the user interface more interesting.

  3. Joe Smith says

    Still no news on what Mr Boltar had for dinner. And he claims to be interested in having a discussion!

    1. Mr Boltar says

      I think you’re getting this site confused with Cooking Today UK.

      1. Joe Smith says

        Not at all. I was just searching for a subject you might talk sense on. Seems the search continues.

        1. Mr Boltar says

          Oh ok, so you think an always connected car is a great idea? So we can add IT security to the list of things you know nothing about then.

          1. Joe Smith says

            Ah resorting now to the behaviour of a child. Suggesting someone believes something with absolutely no evidence in order to attack them. Par for the course for you.

            But to help you out I’ll tell you exactly what I do believe and that is that you are a total idiot. Mind you you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work that out.

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