Pure Radio to launch in Scotland with Robin Galloway on Breakfast

DC Thomson Media is launching a new station for Scotland called Pure Radio with former Heart presenter Robin Galloway hosting Breakfast.

The Central Scotland DAB service will also see Wave FM breakfast presenter Lynne Hoggan on daytimes and Aberdeen-born Paul Harper on afternoon drive.

Robin will be joined by radio newbies Alannah Mackenzie, landing a first official radio job following a university degree in Communication and Media Studies, and actor Rory Barraclough.

Pure Radio will broadcast from Glasgow’s city centre in the former PSP Media building on High Craighall Road, following DC Thomson Media’s acquisition of the media group in April this year. The building is currently undergoing a full studio kit-out on the top floor, complete with views across the city.

The launch of Pure Radio follows DC Thomson Media’s acquisition of Kingdom FM and Original 106 in April 2019 and the purchase of Wave FM in 2017.

Mike Watson, CEO, DC Thomson Media, told RadioToday: At a time when other stations are scaling back on Scottish content we’re doing the opposite. There’s a clear appetite for Scottish radio to be made and broadcast in Scotland, and we’re committed to doing it right. Our impressive presenter line-up is a clear indicator of our confidence in Pure Radio.”

Robin Galloway, Breakfast Show host and new Group Head of Presentation, added: “I love everything about radio, but after almost thirty years on-air, I believed I’d done my last ever radio show. I’d become scunnered by constantly being told what I could and couldn’t say. When I got the opportunity to join Pure Radio as The Boss, or Group Head of Presentation as they’ll make me say, I couldn’t turn it down. And of course, I immediately put myself on the breakfast show!”

“Changes to radio have left central Scotland without a station to call its own. Pure Radio is going to change that, we get Scottish humour and we know what listeners want. It’s purely a bunch of Scottish presenters talking about Scottish stuff and having fun – in Scotland.”

Pure Radio is set to go on air before the end of the year and will be available on DAB, online, via smart speakers and the Pure Radio app. It is not connected to either of the radio stations in England also named Pure Radio, or the radio manufacturer of the same name.

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  1. Willie Bone says

    Awe The Best with the new radio service..

  2. jamie f says

    paul harper should be on breakfast. he is much more stable.

    1. Wee man says

      What will the fm freq be ??

  3. Mark budgen says

    Would the station presenters need subtitles?

    1. Art says

      Not for Scottish listeners – we’re fine. English listeners might need to get one of those voice apps that re-interprets any language back into English – but they don’t cope with Scottish accents too well.

  4. James Kay says

    Love the word scunnered! I just hope Robin will be giving it laldy like the wee dafty he is! 🙂👍😋

    1. Matthew D says

      Another Glasgow based radio station….
      Can nobody be a bit more innovative and base themselves elsewhere, ie Edinburgh????

      1. Art says

        Mathew, Scot FM was based in Leith when it started. Forth 1 (and 2) is still based in Edinburgh, BFBS Scotland are based in Edinburgh, the new Asian station on DAB, Sunoh Radio, is also based in the capital. Then there are a few internet radio stations, such as Castle FM – so you’re not left out.

  5. Allan Wallace says

    Congratulations to the great Robin Galloway and all the best with the new station.

  6. Mr Boltar says

    If there are already 2 stations called Pure in the UK wouldn’t it have been a good idea to think of another name? Its hardly the last word in creative branding anyway, more like something someone thought up in 20 seconds one evening after a session at a Pure Gym.

    1. Art says

      Pure is a word often used in many Scottish dialects, e.g. “pure dead brilliant.” (Ordinary English: “That’s quite good”)

  7. Joe Smith says

    Will it be sponsored by Roberts Radios?

    1. Art says

      Don’t know about Robert’s. Being a Scottish station, it might be sponsored by Boab’s Wirelesses.

  8. Kevin McAuley says

    No I dont imagine so as they will be speaking to their “own” folk but a valuable point, well put Mark, so the subtitle question may be better aimed at presenters ( the non Scottish presenters ones ) across the dial broadcasting in God’s Country whilst telling us about the weather in Manchester, traffic in Kent and giving prizes away in Gloucester pal.

  9. Alan Hall says

    Looking forward to hearing this new station when it starts.
    This will give Go Radio something to compete for. And Rock-Sport too.
    All the best to the team behind Pure Radio.

  10. Jonathan says

    Excellent news!

  11. Alan Blair says

    Good news for once.

  12. Radio Geordie says

    Won’t it have been cheaper to put Kingdom FM on DAB than setting up a new service?

  13. Trisha Anne Rea says

    Sounds good Robin but without Adele Cunningham I won’t tune in!!

  14. Ray Woodward says

    According to the Radio Scotland report, it should arrive online in the new year …

  15. DiandalScotland says

    Excellent news. Pure dead brilliant indeed.
    I can see the Pure breakfast show being simulcast across Wave and Original. Since Real was took over by Heart, Scotland has needed a true alternative to BBC Radio Scotland.

  16. Alan Hall says

    I just wonder if we will see Scottie McClue join Pure Radio Glasgow after his show was taken off 96.3 Nation.

  17. Alan Hall says

    I hope they will be playing classic hits from the 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s a
    and todays best music too.

  18. Robert Spence says

    Good luck guys don’t know about you and the majority I am fed up listening to same play list over and over same time each day same music try and mix it up clyde has some good presenters but it is so same same each day , routine is good but so is a surprise, best of luck guys.

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