BBC Local Radio comes together for Brexit Special

BBC Local Radio’s planned network programme Brexit Special will go ahead on Thursday evening despite Brexit being postponed.

The programme, on 39 local stations, will be hosted by BBC journalist Adrian Goldberg and BBC North West political editor Nina Warhurst and will gather opinions from the public on what’s happening.

Local Radio political reporters and presenters will be based across the country capturing the mood of the public from Merseyside, Brighton, Luton, Devon, Preston and York – as well as guests from business and agriculture communities.

Nina Warhurst will be providing the Westminster perspective with details on what will happen next, but the main airtime will be dedicated to the public. Listeners from across England of all generations including first-time voters are encouraged to call in and have their say.

Chris Burns, Head of Audio and Digital for BBC England says: “BBC Local Radio teams are incredibly close to their audiences. No one is better placed than them to bring the voice of the voting public and their perspective to this national conversation. We want to hear from anyone who has a view and feels unheard.”

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    I think it should also go out in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

  2. Joe Smith says

    Thanks for the warning. Would hate to switch on BBC local radio tomorrow evening and come across this!

    1. Spencer Payne says

      Will they also be playing some pop chart hits?

  3. Mr Boltar says

    What on earth for?? I’m guessing not many people will be listening to their local BBC station tommorow night especially given its halloween and there’ll be far better things to do and watch.

  4. Adrian says

    To me it seems a waste of time now and in any case there have been plenty of National debates on the subject-the whole point of the stations is they are supposed to be local-does someone in York really want to hear what someone in Brighton thinks about it?

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Someone should mention the local thing to the program controller at BBC Kent. They seem to think they’re a Radio 4 in waiting – local issues go out the window and its constant Brexit babble on the breakfast show. Or it was until I stopped listening out of boredom a few months back.

  5. Dan says

    Unbelievable. Only hopeless bbc local radio would put this out. Who on earth would listen…and why?

  6. Ian Scott says

    “Your local station, nationwide”.

    What a waste of licence payers money.

  7. Jenny says

    What a silly decision to plough on with this programme. How crass.
    ” Tonight we should have been leaving the EU – we aren’t, but we’ll talk about it anyway..” What’s to say? Also we are now in an election period and the RPA should be kicking in – good luck with balancing this turkey. Makes BBC LR look even more irrelevant and the decision makers fools.

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