BBC Radio 1 wants demos from local radio presenters

Anyone with radio experience is being invited to send their demo to BBC Radio 1 with a chance of appearing on the Christmas schedule.

From Boxing Day until New Year’s Eve, Radio 1 wants to showcase the best in new and emerging talent and offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to broadcast nationally with them.

The station is looking for those who know their way around a radio desk and have previous radio experience, be it in community, hospital, student or local radio.

Aspiring presenters can submit their demos from today via the Radio 1 website with submissions closing midnight on Sunday 27th October.

Aled Haydn-Jones, Head of Programmes, BBC Radio 1 tells RadioToday: “We’re passionate at Radio 1 about finding and developing new talent, whether it’s artists, DJs or presenters. We’re excited to be able to offer this opportunity to give some new young presenters a very public platform to help them establish their footing in the UK radio industry. We can’t wait to hear who’s out there!”

All applicants must be 18 or over and have prior radio experience.

In addition, applications are now open for Work Experience at the BBC.

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  1. James Mitchells says

    For starters, Radio 1 (rightly) has a young demographic, so clearly no local radio presenters 40 plus are going to be even remotely considered. And before anyone cites Scott Mills, he started there when he was 24 and is arguably nearing the end of his tenure. Of course, the Beeb can’t outwardly say an age limit, but most local radio presenters are ruled out.

    Secondly, why should there be a one off “special” initiative to get people from local radio onto national radio? Radios 1 – 5 should be open to the prospect of LR jocks being promoted to the national stage all year round, but we all know that’s never going to happen. Particularly at Radio 2.

    1. john says

      You beat me to it. 45 here and BBC local radio won’t touch me. I was told BBC local radio won’t touch male white middle aged men as we don’t tick any boxes apparently! Look at all the “new talent” that’s ended up filling the new evening show at WM and you’ll see what I mean!

      1. James Mitchells says

        John has someone within the BBC said that to you directly (or even indirectly)? If so that is appalling on so many levels. Someone in their mid 40s is slap bang in the middle of where Beeb LR needs to be aiming for fresh audience. They can forget any notion of picking up 20 somethings – anyone in their 30s is reasonably unlikely to warm to the idea of being a bbc local radio listener, but 40 plus is ripe for the picking. Clearly there are too many so called managers who are bereft of ideas and direction. If the decline isn’t halted now, bbc lr will die.

        1. mb23 says

          The BBC has published diversity targets for both on-air and off-air staff. The 2020 target is 50% women and 15% BAME.

          1. Mark Budgen says

            But they still gave £100,000s to the likes of Moyles and Evans…..

      2. Mr Boltar says

        You should have a listen to BBC 3CRs yo-bro dahn wiv da kids idents and jingles. They’re unintentionally very amusing 🙂

    2. Sound of Home says

      A one off initiative is better than no initiative at all. There should still be plenty of LR presenters out there who have been dumped by Global (or are about to be laid off by Bauer) who might be able to adapt their act to Radio 1. Of course it’s all down to how good they are. Many presenters I hear on LR are terrible and hence they won’t ever make the grade for a BBC national.

      1. Mr Boltar says

        “Many presenters I hear on LR are terrible”

        Have you listened to Radio 1 or 1Xtra recently? They sound like Lobotomy FM a lot of the time.

        1. Roger Bourne says

          And the same goes for some R2 presenters. They sound as if they are in a kindergarten whooping it up and talking all over their guests. You can’t tell me it’s normal to be that high first thing in the morning.

          1. whitacre86 says

            You should listen to the likes of Greigsy and also Cassi on Clyde 1 – Radio 1 could replace Clara Amfo on mid-mornings with Greigsy and have Cassi on drive 2-7pm!

            As for Radio 1 Breakfast, why not get Martin Emery from Tower FM to replace the current presenter?

    3. Mr Boltar says

      Lets be honest, if you’re 40 plus you probably wouldn’t want to be on Radio 1 these days. Its would be like the embarrassing middle aged peter pans you see around occasionally with the baseball cap on backwards, driving a hot hatch and talking like a 15 year old. A certain former R1 rap DJ springs to mind.

  2. Kyle Rickards says

    So is it for young people with one particular style of radio or?

  3. Ian Scott says

    I hate the overused phrase “once in a lifetime opportunity”, it’s so glass half empty.

    “Your first chance in lifetime” is so much more positive.

  4. Ron Dobbyn says

    Radio London,s Jo Good on Radio One , that’s a great idea. She plays some great music on her show, she could have Radio 1 dog news from Philip too

  5. Len Groat says…. after “30 under 30″…

    ….there will now be “1000s under 20” applying for this.

    what a waste of time. . a publicity stunt by a dying radio station that targets a mindless generation who do not even USE radio… but live on their smart phones…

    Yet another waste of the legally enforced licence fee.

  6. Roger Bourne says

    The BBC have NO MONEY they tell us. So they want cheap fresh easily disposable talent. As an organization they are well over extended. They want to cover every inch of the world. WHY? WE have to pay for their way and cover those ridiculously high salaries. They rake in money selling programmes around the world and the E.U. pay them £ MILLIONS every year. FOR WHAT?. No wonder the BBC have such a one sided and self serving view of Brexit. The hidden agenda is beginning unravel–AT LAST!

  7. Radio Producer says

    Should adapt this for radio 2, and replace some of the TV Celebs, and those others who are well past their sell by dates….

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