Greg James goes even more interactive with What’s My Age Again?

Greg James is taking his interactive voice-activated radio feature even more interactive next week.

Listeners will be able to compete directly against blink-182 during the feature ‘What’s My Age Again?’ on Monday morning.

As part of an experiment created by the in-house BBC Voice + AI team, people listening via Alexa-enabled smart speakers will be able to play along in real-time against Greg and the band whose hit song the game is named after when they all try to guess the age of a caller.

After, they’ll be seamlessly taken back to listening to the rest of Greg’s show.

The game is already live via Alexa, and has been running for the last couple of weeks, but this new development will mean listeners can play along as it happens live on the radio.

Greg says: “We’re taking things a step further, by bringing my show and my amazing guests all the way into listeners’ homes through the magic of technology. I am so excited to finally be able to battle every listener one-on-one – be warned, I’m super competitive!”

Mukul Devichand, Executive Editor for BBC Voice + AI, said “The BBC is always pushing boundaries in everything it does, and always putting audiences first. We want to make radio more interactive and give our listeners a more immersive experience than they can get anywhere else.”

Listeners without an Alexa-enabled smart speaker can also play along using their mobile phones through the associated app.

RadioToday’s take

If you have an Echo device nearby, just say “Alexa, ask the BBC to play What’s My Age Again?”. You’ll love it!

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  1. Sally Webster says

    Mukul Devichand, Executive Editor for BBC Voice + AI, said “The BBC is always pushing boundaries in everything it does, and always putting audiences first…..” Bless you, Mukul, how wonderful were that the case. If you were putting audiences first across the board, ask yourself why so many of the Beeb’s local radio stations are near the point of audience decimation. Ask yourself why staff morale is through the floor, why management are never to blame for anything, why the union is repeatedly approached for advice on bullying.
    I’m sure it’s lovely that everything’s so picture perfect and upbeat at R1, but perhaps it is best to exercise caution with the sweeping statements. The BBC has some huge and dire problems right now and your local stations are at the fore of that.
    Find out what the staff REALLY think, discover what they truly feel inside and what it feels like just to turn up for work. The daily battles with obstinate, lacklustre, uninspired, sterile and derivative Editors saps the life from your workforce. Do something BBC. Act now.

  2. JW says

    Is the answer 10?

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