BBC Coventry & Warwickshire to revert to CWR name

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire is changing its name back to BBC CWR and making major schedule changes this spring.

Breakfast show presenter Trish Adudu is moving off breakfast after four years and will host a brand new weekday programme “The Cov Show” which will run from 4 – 6 Monday and Fridays and 4 – 7 other weeknights.

It will focus on City of Culture plans, live events, sport and stories from communities across the city.

Meanwhile, Phil Upton moves from afternoons to the breakfast show which will run from 6.30-10 weekday mornings.

The changes will take effect in early spring this year when the station will also return to its original BBC CWR name on-air.

BBC CWR launched in 1990 but was merged with BBC WM five years later, and was known as BBC WM across Coventry and Warwickshire from 2003. BBC Coventry and Warwickshire relaunched as a stand-alone station in 2005.

Editor Gareth Roberts says: “These exciting changes will give BBC CWR a fresh sound as we prepare for an important year – Trish and Phil are two of Cov’s best-loved radio personalities and their new programmes will give listeners a front-row seat for Coventry’s big moment as UK City of Culture”

Trish comments: “I’m beyond excited! I’ve had a privileged time presenting the Breakfast Show and now look forward to continuing to bring the best of Cov to our fantastic listeners – The Cov Show is a wonderful opportunity to get out there and reflect everything happening in our incredible city as we build up to our historic year as City of Culture.”

Phil comments: “Following Trish is exciting if a little daunting, hers are big shoes to fill. It’s a great opportunity and with Coventry’s City of Culture just round the corner, there couldn’t be a more exciting time to work on the Breakfast Show, I can’t wait!”

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  1. Mark Budgen says

    Are they bringing back Gawntee?

  2. Pat says

    Presumably fitting Coventry and Warwickshire into their new jingle package would have been a little difficult.CWR sounds like a commercial station and will no doubt sound more like one too given the new focus of BBC local radio.

    1. Martin Kong says

      Pat on the one of the Coventry City forums the postings refer it as CWR,. As it’s easy to remember than the full mouthful name.

  3. Adrian says

    The Cov show?,sounds very downmarket

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Sums up Coventry in general.

      “UK City of Culture” – someone has a sense of humour.

      1. Ron Dobbyn says

        When does Radio London get a shakeup? It certainly needs one.

  4. M.Green says

    Vic minet is the best host you have, she does not get the praise she deserves, bless her. So glad she will be still with us .

  5. T1 says

    Listening figures have gone from 116k to 65k since Trish took over breakfast. The stations lowest ever. Re-brand and change was well due,

    1. Pat says

      Surely calling your drive show ‘the Cov show’ when the station is supposed to be aimed all Warwickshire isn’t all that sensible,I mean Warwickshire is in the West Midlands so I would tune out of a show just aimed at Coventry and probably tune to Radio WM instead.Radio WM used to be aimed at Birmingham,Coventry,Wolverhampton and the Black Country anyway.

      1. T1 says

        Warwickshire is definitely not in the West Midlands. Warwickshire is in the county of Warwickshire and the West Midlands is in the county of West Midlands. They are not connected.

        1. Mr Boltar says

          The west midlands region is much bigger than the county. There is also an east midlands region but no east midlands county.

        2. Adrian says

          I can only say that before the county changes (I was brought up near Birmingham in the 60’s) there was no such thing as a county of West Midlands,you either lived in Birmingham or Warwickshire,our address got changed to West Midlands.At school we were taught that the West Midlands area took in Birmingham,Coventry,Wolverhampton,Warwickshire,South Staffordshire,Worcestershire,Herefordshire and South Shropshire,this was also reflected in the area BBC Radio Birmingham (later renamed WM) claimed to serve when it went on air.At school I was taught the West Midlands extended to the Welsh Border.

    2. Mike says

      Hence her ‘beyond excitement!!!!’

  6. Liam says

    The Cov Show? What about Warwickshire? Sounds very Coventry orientated

    1. Pat says

      Just what I was trying to say Liam,calling it that is almost alienating the rest of the area-much of which probably doesn’t want to know about Coventry all the time.

  7. Adrian says

    To be honest I think all the BBC local stations I’ve heard are going downhill.Where you used to get coverage of local news and events you are now being invited to phone in about your favourite book or whether you like your partner or you pet best together with music you can hear on commercial radio and now even commercial style radio jingles.

    1. Joe Smith says

      I think they reached the bottom of the hill a while ago Adrian!

  8. Stuart O. says

    I think there are too many BBC local stations anyway, especially smaller stations close to each other that should join together to save the BBC more money. Join up BBC Jersey with BBC Guernsey, BBC Derby with BBC Nottingham, Bristol with either Gloucestershire or Somerset and as West Midlands and Warwickshire are quite small counties, maybe revert them back as one station. I’m sure other cuts could be made across BBC local stations to reduce the number of stations and sharing output with neighbouring stations at different times.
    It would however be nice if Radio Wales had breakfast shows/drivetime shows for different areas of Wales, kind of like when BBC Radio Clwyd existed, even if it was just a 1 or 2 hour opt-out a day of the breakfast and drivetime shows weekdays

    1. T1 says

      Stuart – The BBC see’s this is the time to focus on local radio as commercial becomes more regional / national. Can’t blame them for trying to be more local.

      1. Pat says

        not more local-more youth orientated with more music

    2. Mr Boltar says

      The whole point of local radio is its locality, otherwise there’s not much point. Scotland and Wales don’t have any local stations and from people I know who live in scotland thats less than ideal as all BBC Scotland ever talks about is edinburgh politics and the rest of scotland can go hang.

  9. Mark Budgen says

    6am Jon Gaunt at Breakfast
    10am Jon Gaunt in the Morning
    1pm Afternoons with Gaunty
    4pm Gaunty Drivetime
    7pm Gaunty Sport
    10pm Late Night Gaunt
    1am Gaunt All Night
    Rrrrrrrrrrratings winner!

  10. Greg says

    Not everyone wants to listen to inane rambling from C list personalities which is what local BBC radio has become. I remember Jo Tidman being on breakfast with Trish which at least brought some relief but once she was removed I turned off to save my sanity from the dumbed down rubbish

  11. Pat says

    I listened to the station today,In my opinion it is absolutely awful.I don’t know who would to listen to it (maybe women in their 40’s and 50’s?).The music is terrible (but that’s the same on all of them now).If the BBC can’t do better than this it should put these stations out of their misery,and the revamp will just lose more listeners I reckon.You won’t get younger listeners tuning in and the older ones will tune out-if they haven’t already done so-dreadful lowest common denominator radio in my opinion.

    1. Ray Woodward says

      Whats beyond the bottom of the barrell – commercial radio as the BBC are shortly to prove it would seem …

  12. tony graham says

    well guys this is really interesting to read these comments.. I think BBC are really upping their game…when it comes to bringing their local stations into the 21st century
    For example, the breakfast show here in the West Mids on BBC WM has recently had an overhaul with two amazing presenters who just have that WOW factor on air… I for one have converted to them from Capital and Free radio …. their topics, music thats aired and banter is just something else… and being the beeb, how they include the duty journo/newsreader Lou .. whilst still maintaining professionalism towards the serious news items relevent to the day….. This station for one, is definately going to wooo more younger audiences form the commercial guys…. True local radio with flair and that WOW factor…. Great work Sam, Daz and not forgetting Lou from the newsroom.

    1. Adrian says

      Interesting,Actually I don’t think the BBC should be trying to woo commercial radio audiences.They are certainly alienating me with their current playlists (don’t like radio 2 either who are ‘assisting’ with the music. However in the early seventies most of the early BBC local stations were mostly talk at breakfast time apart from Radio Birmingham who had a young DJ called Les Ross who did a music based show from 5 till 9 every morning,it was popular over a wide area with people phoning in from Sussex and Wales (no internet then!).There was very little needletime but with the use of pop music from soundtracks,new release albums and imports plus a good dose of humour the show really worked and young and old loved it.After a few years someone from the BBC decided this wasn’t what local radio should be doing at breakfast time and it was replaced by all speech 7-9.Les went on to a great career in commercial radio but things were never the same for me.So there is nothing wrong with young talent being brought in but the BBC shouldn’t try and alienate their current local radio listeners-there is a wide range of music out there they could be playing from current and classic albums to less played oldies which don’t recycle all those 80’s and 90’s stompers and chart hits which we already get on commercial stations and whose introduction on BBC local radio are making me turn-off.I’ll be interested to see the audience figures for WM,Coventry and the others once the new looks have bedded in..I suspect the audiences will decline but let’s wait and see-certainly the current output on Coventry and Warwickshire does nothing for me.The BBC should be providing something for older listeners-no need to have both Radio 2 and BBC local radio playing largely the same stuff.

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