DAB+ in the spotlight at European Radio Show

The progress of DAB+ digital radio in France took centre stage at this year’s European Radio and Digital Audio Show in Paris today.

Hosted at the Hotel de La Villette between 23-25 January 2020, the three-day event will bring together stakeholders from across the French radio industry and beyond to discuss the opportunities DAB+ digital radio brings for the radio, manufacturing, retail and automotive sectors.

A number of sessions focusing on the growth of DAB+ digital radio in France are set to feature throughout the event, and speakers at the show will include WorldDAB’s Jean-Marc Dubreuil, who will address the digital future of the radio industry in France as part of a keynote session taking place at 10:30am on Friday 24 January.

The full programme for the event can be viewed here.

France has made significant progress in the rollout of DAB+ digital radio in recent years, with DAB+ services already available in key cities across the country – including Paris, Marseille, Nice, Lyon and Strasbourg – and national DAB+ services set to launch this year.

In December 2019, a proposal to amend the existing receiver legislation was submitted to the French government. According to the new proposed regulation:

All new car radios sold starting from 21st Dec 2020 should include digital radio capabilities

All new consumer receivers capable of displaying letters and numbers should include digital radio capabilities, starting from 21st Dec 2020

In France’s overseas territories that have yet to launch DAB+, the regulation will come into effect six months after the launch of regular DAB+ services

The bill, which has been presented for debate and can be amended by the parliament or senate until it is adopted, is in line with the EECC directive. Introduced by the EU in 2019, the EECC requires new cars sold across EU member countries to include digital radio capabilities starting from 21st December 2020.

“The French radio industry’s interest in DAB+ digital radio has grown significantly in recent years, and DAB+ is maturing rapidly in this market” said WorldDAB’s Jean-Marc Dubreuil.

“2020 will be the year that confirms this trend. With the right listener experience, and DAB+ receiver regulations such as the EECC, DAB+ is without a doubt the future of radio in France.”

WorldDAB will host a booth – Stand N M02 in the exhibition hall – at the European Radio and Digital Audio Show, where some of the latest DAB+ receivers on the market will be displayed. A number of WorldDAB members will also be exhibiting and displaying their DAB+ solutions at the show. To view the full list of exhibitors and make an appointment, click here.

Posted on Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 at 7:02 pm by RadioToday UK

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